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AXN' AR8OB, TiïUHdDAY, Marcll 27, 1873. 70#80o per bus; Hutter- ;?J5c. liicANb $1.50j$1.75 per bus. jjoili 'i ets, per lb. by the quarleï. Comt- Brings 4''5Oc perbu. CmCutiNti- Dresst-il lic Diiesbed lIiKis- $4.903)5.00 per htmdred. Etios - Cozniuand 15c, J! ii -$15 i IS peí tnn, iiccurdin to qunlity. HüNr:Y - In eup, 20 -The market atunds at Sc. Oats- 3()f,31o. POXATOES -SOííSOc. H'.c. We quute WhHe at $1.6051.73; amber l..j'J i 1.íj5. Detroit Produce Martet. Lateatfl'.lotution for ieüdíiür avíleles üf country product- Miivch ?7th, ure ts i'oüow.s : Wmwt- white, ; amber, $1.62. Baki.ey- ï=1 ,:í') tI.70 per eeutal. Eïb- 7S(8o peí bu Cnk.y- 4J4ÍCi Oaib-37-', i. potatoes- 7o@öo. (In; i: : .SOd Dressbd Hoos -$.U0@i6.5 l.'i ■■ 20. Lakd- TH L8c. Hosït- 22s27f, Detroit Live Stock Jlarkct. From the Detroit Free PreSfc; 5ticu:(iAÍ Ojektral Yaiiüí!, Monday, March 24. The rcc:eipts at these yarja tor the wee!:, and also ïav the three previous weeks, were as folp we : Cnttle. Hosrs. BWt. iVprt cniiBjr jtairil S 117 642 l,09fl i 10 !51 263 5 ii.-ifi VVefkenilinsr Marcli 17.. SOU 777 I,il i liuif M.noh 21 214 457 1,SM I i 981 2,113 6,701 Throu;!i cattio sliipjwd East, 2,072 head, t 1,079 on the i".v. oui waéki }íogs, 320. OAÏTLE. The same firmness was exhibitêd at the opening of the niarket as noticed last week The markets of "the Host hava adTftnoed steadily in priees, although at limt's there was a slight falling oft'. Tha buyers were mostly from the Eait, home buyprd boing outbid in the sales of lots. The inquiry seemed to ba cliieily for stockers, and partiea holding them g;ot a fair figure. The yards were ñlled mostly with local lots, the arrivala from t'ie State boia:j vory few, and the quality on an average was fair. The shipments this morning showed a dispoaition on the part of shippers to hasten to the Eastern markets the Iot3 on hand. Under sales inado we quote : Cliuicc to extra, averaginff 1,000 to 1,200 lbs., in good flesh and build }4 50@5 25 Common to ehoice, averaging 1.000 to 1,200 fts , in medium tiush and build.. . . 4 O0ÍS4 75 Liht cattlefor ieeders 3 25ta3 "ö H0G3. The arrivals continue few from the State. The indioations are that the hog erop of M iehigan is about exhaustod. Lots that are anywise choico come from the Northwest via Chicago, the present good prices bemg remunerative to drovers and shippers to send to the principal cities on the seaboard. The exports, too, seem ,to have brighteued at the crisis in the pork business. Lots sold under the folllowing ruling , Lots averaging; 150 to 200 Ibs. nice ahiipe an.l good for store ?4 73íá5 tí LotB avoriigiiü 100 to 150 Ibs. BUltable for packors $4 S0@4 50 SIIEEP. There were but few lots in the pens held for Bale, and this scarcity prompted owners to ask a little advauce on last week's quotations. We quote : Lots ayernginqr 80 to 90 Ibs, choioe grades and iu exoeUent oondition Sí 0r@5 25 Lots KVertlgiug 80 to '.Iv Ibs, rucdiuiu grades and order 4 50@5 25


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