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I lÉBÉffiNlÉlf SjÉjj g Smé ffiilPraÉ 9 j EN ERAL IJ ?L_Jjj i Jj CONVEYANCER uLiLZi!} OUR ABSTRACT BOOKS! Vfl partlalïy ra c, are nowposted to date. They ot otee, in a comí ■ po#ted i'onn, show th.3origi ' uil neív chaina di title" ItíBtunce, bUcll O8 AUDIT0Ï1 GENEEAL'S DEEDS, Knowü as Tdx-Titlos, which are very numcroua in ttiis County, Dacrees, Contraéis, Deeds ! Als",now fin well as all of the okl undischarged Mortgapèfl ns far back ia 1824 - whieti are h Persons tnlíingtitíe or mortgatres and lien a will remember that I ■ tnattera are not fouod in the usaal moda of search by Irnlexea at the Itegister's o;: iks or Üoersintbe pb oftico have tira ïrouaand voluraiaoufl ; ■ required even to make ah i. with ourfocilltïee we say to rlie public tlutL we cnn show them title nnd TiTle History, m&ka i I , i.saigniivnM, I . . i-, quieker and in .H'tterstyli; ihan any otter uilice in the County. W hrivo ONEY TO LOAN ! On Bond and ïïortgage en long time. REAL ESTÁTE SoMorexf.hnn.ccd. TT0U8KS TO KENT. SS acres ■ the Observutory fox sale in lo'.s to snit purcausefs EOOT & LEITEH, lteal Estáte Agenta, No. 1. Gregory Bloeit, Thacy VS. Rott, uud oixo3ite the Post office. Ubahles A. i l410tf STEARNS' COCOOLEIIME, A perfect hair dressing- not a dyo - nor a rcsLuratire, but a dressing, elegant p-""l aucl economical. " STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE Ín cooling to the scalp, imparta a delightíul pensó oí vitality mJm aQd softness to I r_ m the hair. STEARNS' COCO-OLE9NE, eweetly perfumed and limpid, renders the hair euppleand - " dresses it in any h- i- -4 deaired form. "" "" STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE, entirely vegetable oil, prevertts that dryness bf scalp w h i c h i causea dandiutt' p-__- to aecumulate. s ' t-fa-i STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE contains in one lare bottle more oil and more perfumo mh pk tium any other - i hair dressing mmmm in market, and "Hl besidea is eold twonty-ñve per cent, lesa than most others STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE brightens blonde hair, üarkensaub ibk urn hair, renderalustrousbrown and black WJ hair, leaeens the harshnes-s of coarte hair. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE IS MADE ONLY BY feedeeice: steaeks, - ceemist, o DETROIT, MICH. Bold everyrrhere. Bg suro and get the Genuino Coco-Oleine. Lct no ono palm off onyou a bottle of some chcap and worthlcss imitation of CocoOleine. There are more than twenty counteríeit3 of i t now Rold, put up as near like thc geuuine as tlie makers daro and evade tlie law. The Cheapest ftnd Bst FIre Department in the World. Over One Thbusand Actual Fires Put Out ■WITH IT, AND MOttE THAN 10,000,000.00 Wonh of Property Baved I'rora tHo llames. TEE ExtingüisheÏ AT,SO, TIIE Babcock Self-Acíing Fire Engine, For Mills, City, Town and Village Use. II Ís al ways roady to ase Inetantly, nnd is moro effcctlve than a steam íirc englne, because it fs soon er brought iuto action ;nul throwsa powerful slream ' watei inipregaatad with carbouïc acid ga for any ;ength of time. It dispeneoa with complex macliinery; flro compantes, reservoirs and suction hose. Carbonicacld gas id ooth the workiug and extingttihmg agent. S Btam to bo ral oiy', kiudled- no ''.:l'inl, do larga coin:uiy to be ratiMvrl. , ■ thua aaved U a building savud. Tt will ;hrow 1 or 2 streams nt a time, and one cylincler can jo re-charged while the other ia woikiajc. It savea . what the ftre has spare d ; it Bmothere, bnt doea not delate. It la in daily uso ni Chicago, Cinciunati, St. Louis, Mobile, P hilad el ! otiu:r Pire Departme&ta seud íor tluir record, Gooti agenta wa-, lí. T. BARNlTITr, Gen. Asfent US Woodward Ave., Detroit. Mfinafactnrer of Iron, Copper and Brasa Win, ffireClo , Barí1 Mili Stonea, Broom Wiro itn-l ïwi r Weather Vanea, Wiie Coanter Raüiag, Wire iTcacing and Orotunental Wiro Work. 1-ítOyrl CAW GÜMMER & SKAfírENEE. ACIT' ' I ■, ank durable Mftohhie iperated and ruiming Whecls frum 8x inches to 12x 1 ilirh. Frice of Machine, $15. Wheela with bevelled, rtouble bctellefi ana round m S3.1S tu S7 .35, accinling fo thicktiifas. tleavii r iíuchin .s S7O ■ 1 1 ni $90, running Whoele np to 2t inchetj i:i diami For illustrated Pomphlets or Fhotojraphs, addross THE TAÏilïE CO., UlBtaS Stroudsbuig, Monroo Co., Píl. SPECIAL OTICE! All of the TASITE CO'S poods aro directlj made by the Co., ;it Uiin)ui Paotory and under their owit Patenta a n Xt is cheaper to buj (ürectly from own MauufHcturera than to buy of Dea get low pi ióedoi p iorgi ods. The fulleat Infqrmation on all pointa conne I d with Kmery WiioííIh rimI Eincry-tJriixliiitf-.Tlíictilnery will be fiu'nislid by Lhie I U13aiS TMPEOVED SAXON CEYSTALS, SPEOT.AOLES, BYE PÜ33SBRVBRS. PatroniZed nnü recoiñmendecl by tho most eminent Oculista ■n of tae m beingot ■ [ve nnality, so conpreservè the functiona of the eyos. 'I1!;'1 -i ■;.[ of to gTentlyassi tea; weak8ihtstrengüiened, arid soi.uitlONS & SONS, Practical On mul M 9 of thci taproved 1ÍYE PEEBBRVING 58, CATAEAUT T,i:.Vü, CONCAVE i; i, vssi'.s foi near-eig-hted persons. JAJU IULLER, Agent, 1413m3 No. 22 Jiast Hurón St., Aun Arbor. THLOUB AND PEED STORE. HENRY WASOH, (Succassor to Creo. Laubcngayer,) At 1 4 West Liberty Street, will keep constantlyonhftnda full Mtock of Flonr, Mea), Oats, Cora Mili Feed,í-c. AJÍ ordere promptly fllled at ti .pnces. Oash paid for Coi UUy]


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