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Poverty Linked With Ignorance

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The t.i.hli! of Iüit.';uy ia the Ñint' Censos, nppropriately uolored black 1 e the iguorance of each locality, re veáis ioine startling and unexpeuted sta generalij ■idered the bost educa ttd. Porhaps i pi cl i mi muy question inight ariso as t what is the true test ol illiteracy ; tor, ii some otes, the marshals rcturued as il literate, Chinese students, well verstd ii tbeir own classics, bnt who-hud nut ye acquired sn Enplisu educntion ; but suol returns were quickly revise;! by the m - përintendeut. Bhoula atteudance at school be recognimd as the best test, vw flnd tbat Mausachusetts reoeivep a darkei average shade than Kow York, while lihode Island and Conneoticut c;itnot compare with iLicliigim or tovva. .During the lust decade, eomc Stutis have aotually retrograded in the percentage of Mihool itti ti'iunoi'. 'Jhus Massachusetts had 20 peí cent of bei populación at schooi in 1860, and only 1! pnr cent in 1870; Rh ode Island luid lï por cuiit in school ten years ago,and non only l(i per cent. Not that Massacbusotta und KLode Island do not oti'or a i'iee comnion school to every ehild within tbeir liniits, but that within these ten years a foreign popuUition bas crowded into these States tb. u netter appreciatea a child who ca n win its bread and butter at an eai'ly age than one wtio can read and Y béièver manuÍHCtoriea spread, Undforeign populationsoryetallize around theui, school attondance aliviiy dimiuand illiteracy growB. Khode ialand is the must ignoran t of the Kortb.ern States ; .nano one on i have jassed the numberless faetones that line bolh banks of the Blackstone liom "Woroostor to Providence, without recognizing the cause. It is a very significant faot that, in the census, tbe two maps oi Wealtb aud Illiteracy open iacnig eaoh ot[:fc! ; und tbe yellovv tinge tí' the tonner covers all parte oí the country not tinted by the black oi the latter. Wherevei Hliteraoj flourisb es, wealtb oeases to grow. On the nonh side of a line drawn tbrough the inidcle of Virginia and Southern Illinois, proporty has accumuiated at the rtite óf nearly $1,000 jper capita, and nine tuniis of the children attend echool On the south side of that line, mort! than 25 por cent of the population cun neitlier road nor write, whilo wealth does not amount to over $'0 a hend. The two great faota of oducalion and property on the ono í-ide, oí' gnorance and poverty on the other, are conterminOU3 througliout the whole country, and in all ihe statistical mups of the census. Iowa has less than four per cout of her population over ten years of age wbo cannot write ; Michigan just four 'per cent, nnd New York five ; and neither of these States haa any pauper element outside of its cities, while Louisiana has 38 per cent of her population unable to write, and South Carolina has 41 ; and both hold a percentage of poverty, in country as in city, that sadly corresponde


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