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Pluck--a Capital Fable

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Tho hopelessness of any one s accomplishing anything without pluck is illustrated by an oíd East Indian fable. A mouse that dwelt near the abode of a great malician, was kcpt in such constant distrcss by its fear of a cat that tho migician, taking pity on it, turned it into a cat itself. linmediately it began to suffer trom the fear of a dog, so tho magioian turned it into a dog. Then it began to suffer trom fear of a tiger, and the magician turned it into a tiger. Then it began to suffer frora. its fear of huntsmen, and tho magician, in disgust, said : " Be a mouse again. As you havo only the heart of a mouse, it is impossible to help you by giving you tho body of a nobler animal." And the poor creature again bocamo a mouse. It is the same vrith n inouse-heartod man. Ile may be olothed with the powcrs, iind placed in the position of a bravo man, but he will alwaya act likoa mouse ; and public opinión is usually tho great mugician that finally says to such a person, " Go back to your obscurity again. You have only tho heart of a mouse, and it is useless to try to mako a lion out oi you." A FairficTtl mother learnecl of her daughter's conteinplated clopemont, tm on the iiight appointed for the fiight sho put sorae laudanum in the girl's tea Tho lattcr fell asleep and did nofc wake up until next morninfr, and in the mean timo Horneo got tired oí' waiting, an went home disgnstet, He goes with an othcr girl now.


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