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The Religious View Of It

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Btrange us it may appear, the ri1 pre; shows a very coininendable willingfee join with the secular i;i reprobaron of the back-puy robber-, The CAmtián even goe$ o fut as to n thoso papers whioh seem iucliaed to let : 'bject drop kst they Bhould " injuro rty," and saya tbat " theie is nut a bundredth part of the rigbteoas, persistent, leleutiess iadignation whieh sneh 'ürazüu-iiteud inisuoijiiuct iuijjeratively demands." It adde : " The pixsa ui' Lhis eouutry wlll be fakü to its Baetsd trust if it dpos not insist upon knowitig p.d.I proalaiining wiirit meniborsi ; ■ eástolen 11 to be appropriiit.uil to tb i purposes. Uiidoubb;J!y sonio who did uot dille ttí a.;-au l!;e f i y oí'kiügtioniag the crirae, were eagur and i'oremost in rvshingto gettlieir sbaro of tlie plunder. They doserye na enjdit whatever, for( oonjpared n1. c cm nira les, thoy were of etjiial dishonesty r.i l superior c o wtirdioe. V'.. ryi int oi fchai mouey bclongs to 'Uo United States. L:;t it be restorod, or it wjll henceforth büster onr tongujoa to cali Coijgr snjan ' houoj "President Graai onnot bo acqtiitted from all b'a:u3, for he signod tiic bj,U which contaiael the unjust apgrojria tion. Although ho h:i taai meiubers ot Goi d ou!v i?5,0J0 a yoiii, with thu frankiug privilege, traveliug expenses, etc., wlieu they toot il' . ;ir seats, and had sottlui with tin; goveranjent lor the iirst yeai's services ut this rute, Ii3 wuakly yiuldod to their extortionato doiu 11 1 r.aher O:iiz incur the ri.-,!c of.calling an extra sessioj. Vo pannot imagino Ueorge Washington scoumbir.g to such considerations. llis sousitive honor, and his proud respect t'ojr tmr national reputatign on tlw score giirrtegrity, would havo iillod him willi the ioest goorn, IJe vi-ould havo proiujtly vetoed the bill, lettiig the responsibility rest heavily uon tlo Lteadjj ot the guilty. tra bcssioa would li.irdly haye oogt as muoh as thid grab-gauio diii, tinti it 'sjiiiu lesson of up;'ighluos3 whioh would havo addad a buttei luster tg the ikuucj of Qrant thau .jiii-o of yiosburg ex i ii-.i.i.üond. Hu laay novcr have auother opportunity i'ui' thu nianii'uf-taiioii of moL-al horokm oqual to that vhieli hu bas recently lost. It would have fchrilli ation, and the whüle civiiizc'il world -. :A,i have ajplaujuu the bjavo and upiiyht, dood."


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