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How To Manage Cuttings

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In selecting 's cutting a great deal depends upou a judiuious ohoice ; if' the slip is too yonri-'x and tul] of fresh gap, it will fade aw;iy fro u too inuch evaporation ; and if it is too oíd - i e., hard and woody, it will take a great while to strike root. Yon munt take a cutting that is partly ripened, and ia frotn a vigorous shoot, yet is a little hardened at the base. It is also ess;ritial to havo a bud ot joint t or near the end of thf) outting is all roots strike trom it, aud the nearcr it is to base, the grenter your cbanco of su Plant your cuttings ia ooimnon red pota, íilled half full of rioh loatn and two inches of sand on the top (scouring Band will do, but uot sea sandj, wet thiB, thoroughly, and put tho outtings cliso around the edgo of the pot ; for if tho bud joint comea in contact with tho surface of tho pot, it seeins ti strike root more quickly. Pull oiï the lower l beforo yon plant tbe cutting. Prei wot sand tightly about the tiny stem, for a, grest doal of your succo33 in raisi . cattinga deponds npon the close contact of the sand with tho stem. Wheri the euttings are fivmly planted, cover thera with a glass shade if possible, for it will greatly promote the growth of the planta Moiöture, light, and heat are the three essentials to plant-lifc ; without thom no cuttiii{'9 will start. Hhade for two or throe days i'rom snnlight, but dou't let the sand bocome dry; then give all the sun you can obtain ; keep up a gooi! ply of moisinre, aiid you cn.n hardly fail to root most of your enttings. Cuttings of rosos, verbenas, oleandors, heliotropes, etc., oan also be rooted in srnall viala ülled. with warmieh water, and suspended from the vindow caseinont. Seleot the cuttings as described above : pull off the lower leaves, and insert tho eud for about an inch, into tho vial. Tic a stiing about its nock, aud bang in the sun. If a bit of cotton wool ia wrapped about tho neok of tlie vial, and it is kopt wet, it prevents tha rapicl ovaporation of the water. When the tiny roots show thcmsolvos about ari inch or more in length, fill up ;he vinl with a rieh oomposted soil : let it íang for two or three days longer, then jre ik off Iho glass carefully, without dÍ3iurbing tho roota, and pot tl9 plant. Managed iu this way the roots reoeive no check, and tho plant will grow very v'.goioaúj. The cittin e oan be taken trom the watt'r aud the roots planted in 3ots, but they will cling olosely togother, and are hot as uaturally diaposed as whea the glass is broken off, ai'ter tho roots &ro ooverei with goil. If the water evaporates a third or more n the vial, it uiust be filled up with


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