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Audy Mcclure's Last Shot

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IIarriübueg, April 10. Tho Legislatura hus adjoumed, and iho last kours havo been ïuarked by tho half-di'unkcn orgie that have uiiirkud its dissulutiou tbr the past six yetvrs. Wuile the IX uso was waiting for iiiessages from the Senate this momirig tho tun grew fust and furious, md Mr. Broek way moved that Andy MeCluro be mvited to address tkein. Tho Senator ■was t'ound by tho eommittee, and, promptty respondiug to the invitation, addressed the House as iollows : " Mll. Sl'EAKÏSB AND COMMONERS OY the State of Pkxxsyiaama : I thank you for the diatinetion you have conferred upon me by your invitation to address you ou the 6ubject ot' reform. I know of iío other body of man, either of tho presoai or past, that neods instruction on the necessity of both public and privatu rnorality so rnueh as the liouse of Kepresentativcs of thi State now before me - (laughter) - or that has so broadly and deeply experimentedia tho line of indiTidual and oöicialjproiiigacy. (Laughter and applause.) I am not surprised, howaTe-r, that it ia so, wlien I consider that of. tho members serving in this House ftom my immediata looality, many were not even iiominated, and few, it any, were eloetod. (Shouts of laughtor.) 1 sent you reform bilis, which co&t me jnany days of anxious thought and labor to perfect, but you daneed not when 1 piped to you, neither did you weep roponsivetomy mourning over tho degenraoy of the body politie. I must admit, towever, that you were prompt executioners, for every bill that louked towards reform was negtttived with a yell su fast as rulos irould allow. But. in political, as often in moral and religious cycles, tho darkest hour is just before the diiwn of day ; and it is gratifying that ifter you havocousuramatod all the liarm you can possibly inflict upon tho State you have by a ununimous resolution calied for a confessor. (Laughtor.) It was well to jjause thus, just for tho sake of novelty or refereuce, bo tha.t when the tempest breaks you can poiut to this be(fotning act of coutrition for the wrongs dono to your coustituonts and the cominoawaftltb. (Applause aTid Barcastiu Bhouts ) Most of you wlio havo for three inoutbi tvv'U civicg iu tita placi-t; to wbieh other persons wero eleoted by the jooplo have clisjountcil tliu retributivo wave of popular repi'ubation by creftting olliucs by legislativo enactuioiits, to which you hope to retiro: and thoso unprovdded ;'or hopo to be placed on tho indoftnite jay-roü of the pastors and folders of the tloust', in acoordance vvith the prevalent ouBtom here to pension decayed btatesmen. (Shouts 01 laughter.) That you seek liberal comiséis to havo good Seed sown in the chaos of virtue tliat surrouuds you is a hopcful sign the tiines, and if you do not cheat us mors than oO,000 in Philadelphia uext fall the places that know you now will kiiow you no more forever. (Laugbter.) But I turn to tho faint silvery linijig ou tho deep cloud of your record. One act of th' House gladdened tho hearts of the wliola peoplo of the State and reinspifjcl hope throughout tho longth anit bnadth of tiio commonwealth. I refer to yuur voto in thu midst of disorder tbat at a Philadelphia tire would be oalled a riot. on Monday ovening laat, fixing an early day i'or your final adjournment. (Laughter and applause.) I have heard of no citizen of the State who did not hoarcily approve of that act. (Laughter.) I ani happy to point to it as tho oas.ia iu the withered desert that you havy made about you, and to accord you credit forit. Hoping, gentlemen, if I inay bo pardoned tho uso of the ter;n-(laughter)- that the longth of your lives may correspond withtbe ineasUtü of your virtues, and that you will be succeeded by better meii than yourselves, I bid you good night. The Senator retired amid roariug applauso and a liberal shower of paper balls." The mombers fully appreciated the fact that they had gono a-wooing ind como home shorn, and their gambols flagged and potored out.


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