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Tke Sl'preme Cüurt of tho tfnited States has nnanimously affirined the decisión of tho Illinois Supremo Court reusing lioüiiso as au attorney to Mrs. ilyra Brndwull, of Chicago. It was held that the right to such admissioncould not bo claimed or maintained Vinder that pio visión of tho Constitution of the United Statos- sec. 2, art. IV. - which deerces that " the oitizens of each State shall bo eutitled to all the privileges and iminiinities of the citizens iu the several Statea '' Under this gtlurantee sho cannot claim in Illinois the privileges enjoyed by iv citizèn of Vermont beoauso she was once a citizen of the lattor State, lieing now a citizen of Illinois she is subject to the laws of that State and must regúlate her business und professional relations uudor and by them. The court mightalso havu Raid that tho section eited only requires Illinois to grant tho samo privileges and immuiiitios to a citizen of Vermont that sho concedes or gives to a citizen of Michigan, New York, or any other State. It was also held by the court that the right to practico law is not a natura right or a right attaching to citizenship is not ono of the rights guaranteed by the XIV. aiuendment, and is subject to State regulation. - The civil rights bill, so-called, pass ed by the benate has been deleated in the House, Thia bill was the out-orop of the Ltibel-Bunbury case at Kulaniazoo, in vvhich Bunbury was excominunicated irora tho Catholio Churoh ior suing tho Bishop or Priest. If the law can prescribe the conditions or terms o: church membership and prohibit excom munioation or expulsión it can also com pel tho citizen to join the church, I will scarcoly do to claim that. - Does n't the recent decisión of th Supremo Court in the Myra Bradwel caso foresliadow what will bo the feta o: Miss Anthony and lier associates whei their claim to tho electivo franchise reach es a hearing ? Suffrago is neither a polit ical right nor a personal right such as i guaranteed by the xiv amendment, no attaches to evory citizen, but is clearly a subject for State defiuition and regula tion, with cortain specilic limitatious - color, race, or provious condition of sor vitude. - ■ In the Supreme Court at Detroil on saturday last, a inandamus was is sued against Judgo Patchin of tho Wayn Circuit, directing and requiring th transfer of a cause to the new Superio Court. Transfer had been objected to and refused by tho Circuit Court on th ground that the Superior Court was 110 yet organized, and also that the law creating it was unconstitutioual. - A &t. Louis Congressnian propose to immortalizo iiiuiself on the first Mon day of December next by introducing a bilí to repuul tbe salary-steal and red'ic tbe pay to tfco oíd figure, $5,000 a yeai But as be will be scarcely ablo to mak it a back-action bilí, it may bo oonsid ored somotbing very like locking th stable aftcr tbe borse is stolen. ■ - By tbo lato Detroit firo the Calver Lithograpbing Company lost tbo entir series of stones - 20 in number - froni whieh Stanley's great ludían painting " On tho War Path," was being printed together with some six. hundred copies o the cliromo coropletcd. Tho stones alone wero valued at $0,000. - Tho U. S. Supreme Court has de cided the New Orleans slaughter-houst monopoly, chartored by act of the Louis iana Legislature, constitutional anc binding : an evidence thut tho people havo uo rights that legislators aro bounc to respect, or thut Courts are blind to legielative outrages and powerless to pro toet tho peoplo against them. - The resignation of Minister Bancrof bas been annouuced or reported "two three, soveral times," but as yet ho re f uses to take the hint and is still on duty at Berlin. Ilis position and old robe are wantod tbr an ex-mexnber of Con gress who it is supposod has inore claim upon Grant than haa the vcnorable his torian. - Senator Hendricks has written a letter to the Indianapolis Sentinel declar ing that his recent visit to Washingtor had no xiolitical ssignificanco whatover which effectually disposes of the repor that ho was there conspiring with othei'b for the abandonment of the Democratie party and tho organization of a new party. - The House, to tho great disgust o the women-suffrage women and men o the State, has refused to pass the join1 resolution plauing the ballot in tho hands of woman. And so that reform must tako a back seat despite tho Philadelphia platform. - The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has decidedthat women are. not free-ruen within tho meaning of that term as usec in tho eonstitution in proscribing tho qualiiications of votors, and thcrefore not entitled to exerciso tho electivo franchise. - Speaking of tho new postal cards tho New York Evcning Post saya the postago on drop letters is two cents each - which is one cent more thau the law iïxes it at. - Anna Dickinson is in tho full enjoyment of one of the most sacred oi meu's rights : having been sued for broaking a lecture engagement in St. Louis. - The President had signifiod his intention to visit Connecticut, but tho rosult of the April election was n't ia the least inviting and he did u't go. - Colfax is roportod a candidato for Congvess. Ho wants the indorsemont of his old friends and neighbors and not the oöice or its omolumonts. - Colfax is to bo tho next President, or so prediets a Kadical journalist who sees signs of re-action in his favor. We rather guess not. - Old " Subsidy Pom " is again on the political war path. It's tho vacated seat of Caldwell he has his eyo on and means to have. - Disraeli pronounces his namo to rhyme with Bailoy. CnEERlXG news comes frora Lansing that thoro is prospect of an oarly adoui-ument of the Legislatura. Business s to stop - -uuless there is a chango of de. ;ermination - on the Üöth inst., and the 'jegislature finully adjourn on the lst day of May at noon. After that the glaughter of tho conipiled laws and local rights wiil coaso for a period of nearly ,wo years - uuless somo pretonse can be 'ound aea.t wiatcr for an citra sessioa.


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