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Song Of The Seasons

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' ' ' ■■ of snor,Deep burdening li i l,iü; Dim days, dark iiighte, slow ti Ajid bleakened aa sovere au i Aud swifi ,:nf: n - Ami ati:l : '■. i ;e till all is iluiic. Yountr vu -i And : And :., : (Jï baJoui" i1..-.-,;Au i ü.i .) Uiey chaii Tlifn smumor stands ereot un A'irU oar!v .. ,ni, Xiiu-k.ods and jrliti An.i Jond bird cliirpii vvu. And BW I . .11 - Aiid o tlir.y chango till all is ■ Brown nutumn, qTtiet'with ri And hag'ards st: cked v. ith '. Anti fitüy flushu: ' ir t)ie leaves. And sile;. i led, Aini 90 the bo:isons oiivlin,.' i-un- And stül tlicy chánge liiL all is dúno: ' B'iit epreds our lifo from lefl f o more, l'he child, Uu; m;ui, the vrork, the rest, Tho ailionng mind, ripening aoul, Till yonder dl is liright and biest. 3Tor ku tho soasons cin'lin run - And swiit they change till all is done. Tes, ronder - if indeed tho orb rovülves 'round central light, Eor aver true to central force, Aiid teadi'ast, como h halm or blight. And so indeed the seasmis run - And last. is best when ail is done. ClfMkftgatt rps


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