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„S 52.SS2 SSÍff á 1!TTS toMite thc Uregorj Uouse. ÉL1HU 11. POSD Editor and PublUIier. Tcrms, S2.O0 a ïcar in Advancc. BAXE9 OF ADVKBTISINGi [12 linca or lCss consijcrcd a square.] í-CTc'. f T. Ï jr.JL w. G w. 3 m. 0 m. 1 f 'Har. TI': íl 23 i 50 2 ÍS Í4 00 fi W M 00 fSSS; 'ío 5ÍSi g5o i i i! i;;';1;; J column 5 00 7 00 j 00 1" ; Jf "n 3 , úi 7 00 10 00 12 00 15 0020 (K) 30 00 65 0(1 "ctoa! iwSofu.osllU Cards in Direetory, not to cxcced four linee, Í4.P0 n j.-.iï'. Advertisers to the rtent of ■ qmutcf column on ymrly contract, will be entitled to have thtö fcaWs in , jbireetory without extra i-liuige. Local editorial noticcs 2" crnts a line. BuBinws ITo(ioesl2ciiit8 linn fr tl.e flist intcrtiou, nnd 6 MU tor eucli Bubfcquenl inuirtii n. aTri:ie nnd c'.chtli iiotiè n6J oHtüarf noticoa vc cents :v luie. TeHTlydTertisershllvc the privüepe of changing tlit-ii LlvirUhtmenistlucetime. Ailditiouul chuuaiur will be chaiRtd füï'. gy Adveitlfements unaccotnpüiiiud by writton or Ttibul diictioV will be publishcd Uil te hiimths aud chiiiged acculdiuizly. TiCgiil advcrtiprinona. firt insertion 70 cents per folio, S ctuts p lolio for c.-ii-h Bubsequent iuertion. Wh.-n n poetnonemeDt i n'lded to au advertwement tbe who'.f will be chiirved the enme as the 8rst mserÍ!úu. To be ;ud for when nfiiduvit 8 made. JOB PK1NTI1V; Pamphlets, Posten, Hmnd-BUlH Circulare, Cnrdí,' BH Ticket, Label, Biiik. Bül-Head, and othra TMietita of Plain and Fancy Job Priutiug executcd witii proniorness, and in the btst possible style.


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