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Magnolia Balm Ja few appucations make a f Pure Blooming Complexión? It is Purely Vegetable, and lts openUon la Mén uA :elt at once. It does away with the Flusliod Apcurince caused by Heat, Fatigue, and Exdtament. BmJb md removes all Blotcbes and Pimples, difplUnf( darh ind unsightly spots. Drives away Tan, Freckle, ad Junbura, and by ita gentío but powerful Inflmao mantles the faded cheek wita , YOÏÏTHFUL BLOOM ANO BEAUTY. 1 riold by all Druggist and Fancr Btores. Smaa ïrk Place. New York. I ÜOÏ AND SHOE HOUöi. C. A. LEWIS, ( SrCCEfiSOR TO FlXLKY & I.RWIB.J 9OLE AGEN1 celehrated HANB-MADE WORK Is now opening some eleg.tnt linea Of Ladies' Button & Lace Boots, And very genteel SLIPPERS fc TIES! Victoria'?, Parepa's, Newport's Tn Víirioas grndes. Also a fnsbiouable line of aentïemen's WOSKI Tofjether with iU vji.rieties ia cheap goods. All bought ior CASH and to be uold at low do Come in and Look at Thera AT B KO. 2 EAST HURÓN STREET4 14'7m3 SÏÏËARWS' COCO-OLEINE, A perfect hair dressing1- not a dye - nor a r Btoratire, but a dressing, elegant f- -. and Ooortomical. r STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE is cooling to the scalp, imparta a delightíul aense oí vitality h-bÍ ant soí'tness to ti e ari STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE, aweetly perfumed and limpid, renders the hair snp Í ilc and p- - dresses it in any -H deairéJ onn. o" STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE, entirely vegetable oil, prevenís tbat dryness of scalji which f causes dandniif r--- to accumulate. v""" H"1- H C. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE contains in one large bottlc more oil and moro per fumo - athan any other . - hair dressing in mark et, and H besidea i sold twöDtyfivo per cent; leas than most othera. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE brightena blonde hair, darkens aub m-,. urn hair, renders lustrous brovrn and black hair, lc ■ena the harshness of coarse hair. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINË IS MADE ONLT BI PEEDEEIOZ STEAKNS, - OKEMIST, ,(■ DETROIT, MtCIti Sold everywhere. Be surc and get the Genuino Coco-Oleine. Let no one palm off on you a bottltf of Bome cheap and uiorlhkss imitation of Coeo- Oleine. There are more than twenty counterfcit of it now sold, put up as near like the genuin aa th makers daré and evade the luw, MOTHERS! MOTHERSÜ OIHEES.'Ü Don"t fail to procure MUS. WlSS' I.OIV'S BO01H1N3 SïltlP FOB ÍJIIII.DIIE.'V TEF.TU1JÍG, Thls valnsble preiiaiatioii hns boen liscd wild BUCCLES IN TUOUASDS OF OASES. It not only relieves th child from pain. bal lnvlgornies the ttoueb BDd bowel. correcta nciility, ánd gives tone nnd euery to the whuVe system itwilj also inptantlj rcic-fe Oriiun!?iii tlio lïowcls find Wind Collo. VVebelieve itiheBESI' and SUREST ÜEMEPY IN TUK WOKLD, in lili coses oi 11YSENTKKY AND I1IARHIHKA IN UIIII.DKEN, tfhethtr !- Inj; from teethin oí' aíiv "tber case. I'cpeiid iipon it molhera, it will j:ive rest to ycorselvee, anïl Kc'licf rind Koalth to Yoiir Infunts. Ue siire nnd enfl for "Mrt. Wiuslow's Soofiriiitr Syrup." ITav'njr the rnceimile ol "CURTÍS PFKKIN' 011 Uw om.?ide Irrapper. Sold ly DruiriPts íhrotiíinont the world. ipLOUR AND ÍLEÍ STORE. HENR7 Wj&SGH, (SUccesKör to Geo. Lnubengnyer,) At 14 West Ijiborty Strcot, wil] keep ronstr.nt' ly 011 hnnd a full Htork of lrii;.ir, Mrnl, (iatp, Ooiti, MillFeed. &c. All orders promptiy (lied at the !( -wer,t ensh priecs. Cush rid ior ('orn uud Oti. UlSyl t CE ! ICE ! ICE ! I lin now.piepnred to furnifh ICE OF THE BEST qüAllTY, And ia any quintity desirèd cïiirins tT:o enron. W. A'V'DHM,


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