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What The Farmer Must Know

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-He must know what he is doing- have some pretty decided ideas of what ho is güing to acoomplish. He must know his soil- that of each separate lot ; not only the top, but the subsoil. He raust also know what gvain and grasses are adaptad to each. He must know when is the best time to ■Work thom, whether they neud suinmer fallowing, He uiust know the condition in whioh tbe ground must bo when plowed, so that it be not to wet or to dry. Ho must know that somegrains require earlier sowing than others, and what those grains are. He must know how to put it in. Ho must know that it pays to havo machinery to aid him, as well as to havo muscle. He must know about stock and manaras, and the oultivation of trees and mail iï-uits, and wany other things ; in a word, he must know what experiencetl, observing farmers know, to be gure of success Thpn he will not euoís- wiiíhiot run


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