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Lige Loomis' Little Bill

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Lije was tile factótum of Guy's Neck. He dil a iniscellaueoua business as a carpenter, cow doctor and maker- uddirig to bis otlltr iunctioiis thut of nndertaker to Ule aew County Pooi house. He was, an easy, good natured íellow, t'ree to trust, and tm indulgtnt cieditAmong others whotn Lije liad trusted to his co.-.t was Gieg Grimes, withtnit esoption lhe greatest proiniso breaker ín íuy's Nsck. 1 vtnly believe he would, if possible, ave put cff his creditor till the lust judgiciit. day, aud theii, üii tile score ot its jeing a "buey day, beg hiiu to wait till c morrow. Greg had wheedled Lije with promises íü the latter's claim was outlawed. Losing patience atlast, he took his little )U1 over to the Squire's when, to his no malí discomtiture, he learned that uness he coulil get n new proinise from dis ebtor, with a witness to it, he might ust as weü whistle tor his bilí. Such íellows as Greg alwuys know (maderable about thelmv, especially the íai p poiuts of it. Greg would talk as frcely, atid was as ull of promises as BVdt whtai lie and Lije ■ern done, L.ut befure others lio wou.d Iher evade the subject, or remain prockingly muin. Oneday Lj? drove up to Greg's door vith his oíd gray mare and spiiug waguii, vlain pine coffiu- one of the flt-topp&d ifiiirs' deemed good enongh for puor olks being visible beliind tlie seat, " Mornmg' neighbor," said Lije. ' Sume to you," said Greg. " Going o plant a pauper." Y-a-a-s ; oíd Blake took ratlicr a suden leave last night, and he went to try he ehanty of another, a better world." ■ "Which is no moie'n fair, 6cein' how oug he's lived on the cliarity of this one." " Would you mind gettin' in and com' along, neighbor," said Lije ; " its a nighty dull job goin' to a funeral by ne's self. ' Greg rtidn't mind, and uiounted by jije's side. Thfi two chatted away aftnr a sort to jrove how rery eheerful good company in ronder even sueh a grave oooision. " I s'pose you haven't forgot that little ill o' íuiuo," Lijn took thu liberty to int. "Not y any means,'1 suid Grfg. " Lt me soe how - how much diil you say ít was 'í I can't just reuiember ritrhtly. ' " Sixty nitiB dolluis, besides seven eafs' interest." " Quite right ; I recollect it now," said Greg " Ef it's át alí inconvenient to pay it," aid Lije, '-dou'tput yoursulf out on no ccuunt." " I've been threatenin' to scí'Ih it for a month back," said Greg. " But time lave boen tight, and how would Monday Teek diV " To a dot." " 111 send it afound that day," said Greg. A curious sound carne from the coffin. The ghost of a chuckle, Üurdles would cali it. Greg gaTe onojump and"lit" for an adjoining cow pasture. Looking back, he saw Lije's apprentice, tho most ïnischievous in Guy's Neck, but with plenty of sensn. and of' lawful age to be a witness, sittiag tbere laughing like mad. Greg took in the situatíon at a glaflce. He had been duped into committmg hiíaself. " It's a dirty, mean trick," he then exclaimfd. "What?" " Why, triflin' with a fellow's feelin's about oíd Blake - makin' believe he's dead." " An' so he is. ÖnTy ï Was goírt after bis body, instead of fetebitkg it away." Greg turned away ; Lije bawled after him : "Don't forget Jíonday week, and it will savo us both considerable trouble, perhaps." Greg didn't forget, but he has ríever more tban half enjoyed biniself at a funeral


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