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Great Eastern Menagerie

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A T0WLRIN6 GIANT AMONÉ ITS FELLOWS--AT ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, ON THURSDAY, MAY 15, 1873. THE ONLY TWELVE-TENT AND100,000 CHALLENGE SHOW IN THE WORLD! Lame enoüsh to swallow up a doz9n of tbe socalled Siganüo Exhibitions " which ináame the public wifh sensational advertisiDg and delusivo pledges. A Colossal Orginization, re-organized 6 and equipped especially for the soason of 137 ó. Museum, Circus, Aquarium, Roman Hippodrome and Bgyptian Caravên. -. fi _ lts augmentation the past winter makes it foür times larger than last year, andthet, it was confessed the Moüaïch Mastodon oí the road. Over ÉBËÜ "1 a "f f ? Bml a million dollars have been expended to make this the most stupendous and grcat World Exposition ever attempted, and Twelye Immense Pavil%- -. -' JWtÉÍrrn I ÏT S covering over four acres of ground, and measuriiig L68,000 yards of canvas are required to exhibit its forty-one dons of living Wild Beasts, & M WÈ0MÊk T WE' '[ JM%S Breáthing Sea Monsters, 1'lumaged Birds, Mesh-eating Repules, and the eolossal Dual Circus Exhibitions, making it a flfevjlÉÍÍ WSi S GRAND COMBINATION OF TWELVE SHOWS IN ONE! K 'W Mm C""2" """H To transnort tliis Goliah of shows, 100 cars, 6 passenger coaches, and 4 engínéa aré broúght intd requisiticm, and the services of over 2,000 men z%fM '&$. mkm=:kW andhoSrrnecytoa The double-sized den of twenty snakes the combined lengthof which ggág jA EJj lias h ast,ertained to be over 644 feet of Serpents, Boa Constrictors, Pythons and Anacondas ; the great War Llephant "Conqueror," costing $19,tíñj? M : ■ íJ #f" "JJ.E4JT - ifliiïSi 000 thp Wild Waniti drove of bactrian ( Jaméis ; a cliattering world of Monkeys, consistiiig of over 0 variaties ; two LionesseB and litters oí cubs ; f ■Bm Wi rku fui Sable Selope ; a raro spoci, non of Ohickari, Idng of the Alaska fore'sts ; a pair of African Zebras 'only ones ever imported ; doublémHffSt ' 'ÊWWWtWQm torncd Ehinoceros, a baby Hippopotamus, a pair of Malay Tapirs, a genume Alpaca Llama, Burmese Cow and calf two Zebus,known as sacred cattle, W . , ÍHBSllr 4'4K,-ní' , vJkX n nr!w onrl buil ráir of laree Checmas the laraest of the Gorilla race ; a Mouffon, with horns ovor four feet long; Chamois, Gazelles, Eland, P s VH VkckeVarks Harte beastAntolopes, ten lidng Liotis.pair of Bengal Tigers, Leopards, Hyenas, Panthers, Jaguars, Oscelots,etc., over 300 specimens CV - V-TP' of birds of all lands, of whicb. will be found one cage of fifty snow-white Cockatoos. AT 10 O'CLOCK, THURSDAY, MAY 15th, 02 mÊMm iwf'V JliSLÊÈÊ& in numberhree'brasTand Eoed bands, grand steam OlvA JN 1-J OXlVlLiX "r.r? ;M;. ''lM Hm with their flags, banners and paraphernalia, mountod OVER 3 MILES LONG. -1 menlS "akrw'ar : IDO lïTO!? ZF-A-IjIi TO ÏEDVCEDVEBEK, TX5IE 3D.A-"g -A-isTlD 15,


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