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A Sad Scene

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The Harfisburg (Penn.) State Journal of the 21st snys: When the emigrant train from the E ist iwrived yesterday morning, a bout 8 o'clock, a young Prussian wonian named Brahie was found among the passenger?, h:iving in her arma a doad ohild - a little girl aged about two years. When the facts became known, a crowd gathered round, the mother, who was stricken with grief, and wecping bitterly. She wr.s advised tq stop here and bury her liitlo girl, to which arrangement she consented. She stated that the ehild had heen siek sinoe the party landed at Castle Girden, N"ew York, and that it died nb:vit half an hour bei'ure tha train reachcr"! Harrisburg. One of' the gonerous-heartcd workmen at the depot repaired to a atoro on Mark( t street and procured the nöcessary art'iifm for a shroud, clean stockings, etc, nd obtained i'or the wonian, thread, needies, etc, with which she made a neat sliroud, stitehing away over her tears all 1 hu morning in one of the cars where she nat. Coronor Porter was notified, and t'innished a plain but substantial cofï'in, in which the child was placed, and, occomp. inied by tho mother, was taken to the almshouse for burial yesterday after)noii. She wept bitterly at parting, but wii willing to leavo it in the hands nf ptiHngei8 tor Christiuu burial, os it was jiecessary for her to follow lier friends, whooi she expeets to ovevtake soine timo tu-doy west of Pittsburg.


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