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Why Men Go West

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-In 1860, James Jones went ñom St. Joe county, Michipan, to Mills county, Iowa. He was then twonty-fivo yoars of age, and worth ftbout $300 in 6tock aud money. The first year he rented land, and spent tho next three years in the army. After his return he boughteighty acres at 3.12 1-2 per acre, tfiiich he sold four years afterward for f? 10 per acre. Mean time he bought 320 acres of prairie on which ho now livea. His main crop has been corn - wlnch ho ias for the most part fed on vüi farraTIto LSS an(l cattle.-selling vevy Jtttle. He gets cheap freight by pourinocorn into condensed bags of hogskin and cowhirto, waioh ho finds hold ten times more than any canvas bags of the same SUEOa A Connecticut editor has beeu eleoted fence viewer, and now calla upon all períous having fences to be viewed to bring tbem to hia office.


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