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(JiíM. _ Circulad; _ gui-Heads. _ tetter-HeatUi _ ghipping Tags. _ printed at tlio AíiBtfg oflico. _ In the beat style and cheaf. _ pon't order elsewhore before calling. _Satisfactioli guarantecd iu every respect. „.Wantod ! _ Every dollar _Due the Antros office. _This meana you, ií you mvc the Si. _Forsubscriptioil, advertising or jobwork. "i. A glorious shower : tíiat's what we got last tuesJoy nftcrnoon. ..licsular meeting oí tlie Common Councü jestMonday eveniñg. _ Work on the walls of tho new CongrcgaKonal Church was rosuinod on Momlay last. _The dead trees in the Court House sqnni'o i ve been cut dowu and thè live oiies triiumod. The í ish Commissiouers deposited áOO SaU B10I1, about six inchês long, in Whitinore hato _ W. H. AVells, Víctor H. Lañe, Calvin Timbas, and Louis B. King have Leen electou (írwífp cditoK. _ v damaging liail storm is reported bahneffards on Tuesday aítcrtioon last, breaknig glass, ; trees, etc. __ i new tinle-table was put in opcration on the Michigan Central ïtailroad on Monday last. See mrd for changes. _ Ifaw sidewalks afe bcing püt dovn in vanons parts of the city, and yet thoro iu room for Bore improvement of the same sort. _ D'Ooge, of this city, is to give the animal a.ldress before the Literary Societies of Albion College, líonday evening, Jüne lOth. _ Ií yon waai to buy a house in ono of the Dost desirable Incalities in tliis city sec advert'semen'oí S. Ili-:xi)Hics.30S in anothcr column. _ The oflicers of the Students' Lecture Associition have made a full financial showing in theCh'mick, and claim a loss on the eeason's couree of $50.99. -At our latest Prof. Feiëzê and]y and JOB M. Wiikei.i:!!, Esq. and family irère ín Taris, and all WBlL About June löth they will leave Paris for I.ondon - We hope that every Aküüs subscriber w'nn raits the city next week, either to fittend the Horse Show or the Forepaugh circus and mena-oric, will enter an appearance at ouf office. - The new gutter across Main strect, at the iunction ot Huron, is pronounced a first-class job: by all except fast-lioi-semen who ho!d in mlempt the city ordinances regulating thoir paces. - Rer. Dr. CasWet.l, late President of Brown Umvcrsitv, now one ot the Trustees of the tiodyedaeational fund, and father of Mrs. President Angell, preachcd.m the Baptist Church of this city on Sundny ovening last. - Accoïdiirg to the Lecture Association figures ia tlie Cltrcnkfc, the total receipts Lor IIensï Waed 1íi:echee's fccüiïe in this city were K97, a íraction less than the Sl,000 that New York Lecture fSureau proposed to sell lam at. -Tlicre are Cfteen divorce cases on the Cirrait Court Calendar for ths current term. Thir tysouls waiting a doeree to insure their ha-ppivm; and, perhaps, to permit them to form oilicrcoinhinntiiins, orconsummato some already ■jiwmatincly foniud. - Atonni belonging to or being diiven by Pa. Tobas, of líorHifield, was left irahitehcd at Duffy's corner on Monday fornoori, and BUrted off at ful' spaad, vliich was checked by neof the horsas strikhig his breast agaisst a litcliing ost in the strect near the Court House tlrowing hiin to the grour.d. - Goitlieb Bischofï, a keeper of a saloon, tumbled out of a buggy Kt tiiö crosiin!,' of M;ü:i Ui Washington streek on ÜJonday afteinodn- without cause or provocation, unless the contenta of the package were just cause--bat was notseriously injured. The horse pïocéeded on iy aa if notirirtg had happencd, and was ttopped at Hurón stí-cet. - OnFriday night last- or sa y at 2 o'clock Saturday meming - a large nnmlier of Univervl.'lioys enga)Tn:l in t'üfi laudable (r) exercise oí upsetting the ííymniisnim on the Uiüversity fiomiíls. The pólice made a raid upon (hem, Mid captured " one more unfortunatc." After lodging in the cross-bar hotel he was brought before JTustice Beahan and flned $10 and costs-or$19in groen. Since. that hu has heen empelled by the Faculty. His name is Euoexe M. EobinK, he is a gradúate of Dartmouth, pursuing ipecill studies hefa, and is old enough to have Mnd his wild oats years ago. Concerning that famous report üf the Council Commmittee ia respons to the prayer of a lnrgo ïiuinber of Oiir citizens that cows tte restraiiied frora ranning at large in the streets of oür city, the editor of the Otsego department of the Allegan Journal- after copying the report in f uil - isys: 'Tlns is what nlight have been expected f rom the Common Ciouncil of a i;it.y that is the seat of trap of the most rénowned universities of the l'nion. X'uiversity towns in the old world have klways been famous os the flrat and fast frieiids. of freedora. The members of the Coinmon Council are doubtless graduatcs of the Univer' tv, and imbibed from reading tlie bucolics of Virsil a taste for rural aftairs vhich cause them todelight m brholdiiig tho Sacred bovinos rami' tiog in the high way aad the byway of the Athens ot the West: We propose to gefc up a wlony of the oppressed and disaffeeted cowOffners of Otsego, and emigiate itli our wives, ut cows, and our httle onea tó Aun Arbor, here the animáis eau er.jóy tlie freedom at 1 b.e f'ty, and repose in the classic shades of thë TJñi tesity, bésides making thomsolves usöful ili feeping down the Wóeds." Sach hearty ÍHdorsement coupled with thë promiwd migfation to oTir city of " wives ccfws "nd littie ones," ought to make the hearts of the uncil dotnmittee' lcap with joy; Merit always tets reward. Wí regret to get very unsatisfactöry rcports f the condition of the wheat erop in various portions of this connty. Smotheïdd out arid 'rozen are geïiGrat causes of complaint, and thí pfotracted Spring drought prevented recovcry 'fom the injüry. None of oür informants wil' "ilrait a prospect of an averag half erop. e also hcar a goöd deal öt compl&int abou ira failing to come : attributed by some to cok Ö? weatiicr ttfter planting and cdiiséqucnt rot'lni- does corn rot iñ dry weather ? - and b} Whers to podr spcd, therngh no one can explain Wiy corn grown last ycar liould b vmfit i'ur (d. AU sl sliould be tested befoTe plant lat, trim ifi Tup historian cm Class-Day tolil oí oné vener 'We senior- a father- who had been soiely tcx" and triad by ttoj demanda made upon timo Ijy i,;;í little, blue-eyed boy, who '"itinua'.ly ;uk porp'ctiially interrupted his 'Wempts at study with the cry of " make a il'i'. tii" " make a horse, papa." The aforc■M kistorian foi-got, however, to teil the mim""rnf scuiors wli" h;vl lost mur.h more pfeoioni Be in inn'üinjr "pfincs," - not for the amuseXiutui aiiy 'U-, hiu,.-i.yfKl boy, hut Wberrid-f "en hy themselves or aome less iiigi:nious nnd 'ïiially indolent claus-mate on examination day. W are iralehtod to Hon, Áérin Blair for fcnty-mie volumes of the Congrcssional Globe "ginning with the fli'sfi sössion oí the Fortietl CongTMB and énding with the third session o Foriy-lifth Corigress; liowevér, tli "nt Manos of the Forty-third and duplicating last volume of the third session of the same - Al to Hon. Henry Waldron for th Sendium of the Ninth Census- 1870.


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