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A negro by the name of Bkooks was drowned ïoro, while bathing, on Sunday last. Moral: dont bathe on Sunday. His body was recovered :at & youngster who happened to be around tliat way in a boat pleasure-riding on the same day. Moral : when you go boating on tho Sabbath paddie around whero some negro has drowned, that good may oome out of ovil. - The City Council passcd a rcsolution at ita last meeting instructing tho City Clerk and Attorney to rÈport on the necossity of gotting a large safe for the use of the city. Since thcn the Clerk has been canvassed by no less than threo Safe Agents, and has received twice a3 many letters froin others unable to visit the town. - Lkopold Schade is the next -victim of the temjieranco puople, and tho fun comes off on Monday ncxt. A madder dutchroan thau ho, last Montlay night when brought up, on a trarrant, was never seen. " Schneidcr, vat for you do me dem tings, hey ? " - An overlasting, confoundcd, blamed, squeakiug, sipiawking, dcafening hand-organ attaclied to Dan Kict's Circus, playing on the corner about six rods distant, preventa your correspondent from recolloctiiig whether anything more than the above has transpired during the week or nöt. The íoilowing ncw bppki hnve been receivoa at the róÓBÜ ai ihe Ladies' Library Association Chips, FiAct's ílislivy oí the Reiörinatiou Play and Profit Ln my Garïen, Palmotto Loaves American Society, Myth and Myth-Makerï, Oriintti Réligions, Galama, A Day vrith Charlea Dickens. The rninuia Warchüuso and Kailroad ConnnissioncfT in sssion at Spriugfield havo boen askod by thu loadins; railroai coinpanies for the privilege of meetiuf, with the board, in order to do what maj seem necossary for the publiu good.


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