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The ïollowiii!,' magazines lor ,11111c nave ranii (o out' iable since our last issue, and it is proper to say that the weatlior now promises a reception of tlipm not UüiiCting to the nionth, thoy foïeshadow : The Aldine ha3 eleven platos, inclnding, View neax (ranby, Conn., by Krusemau Van Elten, a full page picture admirable in draw ing and cutting: The Signal, after flallwiff; The Sislers, after Coomans; Distant View oL Mount Mmsfield, Vt., by It. W. HubbarJ, K. A.; A Stampcde of Wild Ilorscs, by W. St. Cary, a sphited full pago picture,; The Bull-Calf and a Group of Shcep, by Poter Moran- his buil being a very ill-fuvored animal In the f ark, by SpaCht ; Bnd The Old MUI, by .. Kewtaï, a braifiüful rural Bcane. The table of contenta includes : Turning tho Wiilc, by Francia Loo - a readabl story; Young Martin and Old Martin, by E. SI o a story that ignores tho so-called proprieties of caste ; Eo3y BonhsiM and her Tiger, by Evan ü oderich, capital ; A Vis to Madame Thiers, by üeorge Band ; poetry by Kate Putnam OsRood, yf. W. Bailey, John Sydney, Henry Richards, and S. Laag, and editorials with the engravings as subjects. Au attraetive showing. - Jamks öutton & Co., 68 Miiden Lane, N. Y. - Tiie Eclcctic Magazine has a long list of papers, the follovving being the most noticeable . Primifive Booiety, by E. I!. Tylor; Episodes iu the Lifa of a Musician, by M. Bethmn Kdwards; The Story of the Deatli of the Earl of Htraffurd, by Keginald Pulgi-ave ; A Chroniclo of tho Cotton Country, Cornhill; Man and Apes, by St. Oeorge Mivart, F. R. S.; Thu Toetic Folk-lore of Ireland, Si. Paul'.i Magazine; Too Soou, by Katherine S. Maccpioid, chaps. XXVII.-XXXII.; and Tho Man in tho Iron Mask, fiuturday Beview. The minor departments are well filled with literary and art notes, etc. The embcUishment of the nimiber is a fino stoel pnrtrait of M. Taine, with a biographical sketch by M. Bao.- The number completes the LXXX. volume. E. B. Pblton, 108 I'ulton stveet, N. T. - Godcy's Lady's Book-ïor a wonder- 'Comes late. lts fashion and work and household clepartments are well and seasonably fillcd making it - as always - welcoine to tho ladies, and the fashion and work plates add both ornament and to its usefulness. Maiian llarlmld's serial, " Carrying Weight," 9 uoutinucd, and growa in favor. The other stoïies are just suited to the season. The numbor closes the LXXYVI. volume, and yet Godey is as vigorous as in its early youth, L. A. Godey, Philadelphia.


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