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Michigan And Ohio Teachers' Associations

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The following is the programnic of the joint meeting of the Michigan and Ohio Teachers' Assooiations, to be held at Putin-Bay, Ohio, July 2 and 3 : . WEDNESDAY- FORENOOX. ti Inaugural address, by U. T. Curran, of Sandusky, President of the Ohio Association 2. " Methods of Instruction in Natural ■icienco in the Public Schools," W. H. Venable, of Cincinnati. Discussion opened by C. L. Hjtzo, of Clevebiud. 3. Miscellïneous business. AFTEIÏNOOX. 1. Address by President Jas. B. Angelí, of Michigan University, on " The Fhilosophic Study of Literatura." Discussion opened by the Hon. D. B. Briggs, Superntendent of Public Instructiou for Michigan. 2. " Drawing from Natural Objects in Publio Schools," Arthur Forbigor, of Oincinnati. Discussion openod by John ïancock. Superintendent of Public üchools, Cincinnati. 3. Discussion of President Curran's address, opened by Prof. Kossiter, of Massilon, Ohio. TIIURSDAY- FOIiENOOX. 1. Annual address before the Ohio Teachers' Associatiou, by Prof. E. B. tforsu, of Salem, Massachusets. 2. " The Comtnon Schools, Historicaly," by Prof. Putnam, of Michigan Normul School, Ypsilanti. Discussion opened by Prof. Olney, of Michigan Uiiiversity. 3. "What Shall Constitute a Proper Jourse of Tnstruction and Practice lor reaohers V" W Mitchell, of Worthington formal School, Ohio. Discussiou opened y Mies Delia Lathrop, of the Ciucinnati S'ormal Sohool. AFTERNOON. 1. " Preparation for the High School," y Prof. E. A. Strong, of Grand Eapids, dichigan. Discussion opened by Duano oty, Superintendent of Public Schools, Detroit. 2. " Uniform Conrse of Instruction for High Schools," E. H. Coofc, of Columbus, Ohio. Disoussion opened by T. O. Meudenhiill, of ColumbuB. 3. Election of officers, misoallaneous business, adjournrnent. The steamers running from Detroit to Put-in Buy will oarry teachers to this meeting at half rates. Board will be furnished ot the Put-in Bay hotels at $2 day,


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