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The Board Of Health

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The new Board of Health met at the Qregöry House on Wednesday evening, June llth, and organized by electing Dr. W. B. Smith, President, and Dr. J. Kapp, Secretary. On motion of A. DeFoSSST it was ordered that all complaints to the Board of Heatth be made in writng and handed to the officer of the ward in which the complamt vb made. The following resolution waa offered by Mr. DeFobest aud adopted : Resolved, That tho céxton of each cemetery hall make a written report to the President of he Board of Health of the number of death hat ocour in the city, stating name, age, and he disease or cause of death, on the first day of ach month. The eihibition of the Foeepatjoh "Grand Aggregation" another plttase for Circus, Menagerie, Museum, side-shows, etc, on Friday ast, drew an average crowd in the afternoon and a Urge one in the evening. The procession hrough the principal strsets was as attractive as fine horses, new carriages and cages in paiüt and gold, and glittering banners could make it. The Menagerie included a list of fine and rare animáis in good condition, and was very much above the average of Menageries : in faot the free Menagerie tent gave more animal sightseeing gratis than many menageries tor half a dollar. The Museum had many queer and cuious and iustructive specimens, " wax figgurs," automaton minstrels, a magniflcent case of bright-plumaged birds, &c. The acting in the Circus tent was first-class in every respect, while the vaolting, tumbling and trapeze perbrmnces were extra or we might say XXX. rOEEPAU(ïU is a succes. The Univebsitt- Exahinations fob AdKission. - The June examiuations for admission o the University will take place on Saturday, June 21st, and on Monday, June 23d, beginniug at 9 o'clock on each day. Candidates will repnrt to the President at his office before entering upon heir examinations. In order to complete their examinations they must be present on both days. On Saturday, beginniug at 9 a. K-, thero will be oral examinations in Greek, Latín, Mathematics, French, and Geométrica! Drawing, and at 4 p. M. a written examinatioa in Geology Zoology, and Botany. % On Monday, beginning at 9 A. M., there will be vritten examtnfttions in the English Language, Geography, History, and Natural Philosophy. The Class of '70 has issued its programme for ts coming re-union, June 24tl, at 5 o'clock - the day before Comracncement. The exermses will probably be held in the M. E. Church, and consist of : Introductory remarks, by President ATgell ; Wilcomè to' 70, by Dr. Cockeb ; Oration, by Geo. T. Camp att ; Poem, by Edwin Flkmino; Cup Presen tation, by C. M. Wells; Responses : in behalf of Waltjsb Sylvesteb 15ali.kxgek, by Chas. Ballengee ; in behalf of Haeley Coeson WiNCEELt, by S. E. Wiïtcbell; interspersed with music. The class numbered 60 at graduation, and the presence of neariy every member is expeotod. A committco representing the facnlty, graduates, and students of the State Normal School advertise an excursión from Put-in-Bay to Duluth, which all the teachers of the State and their friends are invited to join. The steamer will leave Put-in-Bay on the evening oí July 4th, and the trip will consume about two weeks. The Sault Ste Mary'a River, Pictured Eocks, Silvcr Island, and the miues of the south bhore are points of interest to be risited en route. The faro is put Rt 50 fof the round trip, or at 140 if two hundred excursionists oin the party. Letters of inquiry should bo addressed to ProfBelLOWS, Ypsilanti.


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