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The Late Edward La Mountain

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-- - - - mm ■- f 4 ■ ■ ■ i i r ■ r ■ The following letter from Senator King was written tu H. 0. Sessions, of Iouia, in rospouse to a noto of inqni" Mr. ]ji Mbnnfaín, or Montaigne, as he wroto it, is u juweler by trade, but, like hia brother, so celebrateti as an a)ronaut, soümed to have a penchant for ballooning, aud haa made, his wife says, about two asoönsions a year for tho last fourtean years- just the number of years he had boon marriud, lacking two weeka, on tho day of his death. " He was 37, and bis wifo 31 years. He leaves two children, both girls, the oldest Flora, aged about 10 years, and the youngest a baby, but thruo wuoks old todav. " He leavfs no propei ty except a Bmall house and lot, in tho village in whioh he lived, and wbere his family now reside. " Mrs. La Monntain has boen for a numbor of years in quite delicate health, whioh of coursu operated as quite a drawback to the Professor's pecuniair suecess. He was very fond of his wife iind daughter, and devotod a goorl doal of tiiae to his wife's caro on account of liur feeble health, always tfoating her with great tuderne88. " I aiu told that he was awaro of the risks attending thebe hot-air ascensions, and nothing but a strong desire to bettor provide lor Lis littlo family, whioh he loved inost tenderly, inducud him to run these terrible bazards. He was one of tlio most aiiiiítblo men I ever knew, mo3est and ret'ring in bia dispösition lo a fault, and nó laun ccmld have been taken from this oommanity oreating more gonuine and heartfelt lamentation. " Man y ftjitont mal atnong his neighbrrswere forced to drop uil buainea on receipt oi' tbe telegram announcing tho imsiürtuue, and bave hardly jet been able Lot'esume their usual pooations i a - ry inhabitaní soemed togo in o inoUrulng-, He wits not a lumi that attracted much attention ordinárily, bnt all ápprecisted his goodness of' heart and perfect gentle nuss of charaöter. I never thall forgef the impression, and confesa tobeingdeeply aiïeeted whtm your companion tuined to me the Cheok, tho battoTed wuteh, the uncüstly pèn-knife, and thin, chéap little pocketbook, containing in all thé slim of $1 15, about all the pooT failow's worldly go'ods, aye the littlu hoiaeetaad and the wrecked balloon."


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