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AHM AbboBj 'l'UDBBDAÏ, July 17 Gfx 15c. ■ ' porbri. ' ■ i . J"i t',aco..„hiigtoquaüt. . li. cap, 20 i--1"' stanísatj'o. 1.25. TU1IKLÏS-1 !". T,Ve quote White at 1.1.& amber 1.4u@1.60. Detroit Prodiico Maiket. LatOíf i uota tiun lor artiolw of country pro .')y 17th, ra n follow : Whkat -wblte, $].4ijn 1.7.1 ; .uubcr, $1.60 -il. :!;,„, ! () percental. Kye- 7ófe2 per bu. COX- 4liC(e4Su. Oatb- 40ÍÓ42C. Potatoks- il.35i1.50. OmoNa - ?2 jijít, 2 25c. ?6.Uoia}0.80. II v -5:fiW.26. Bditke- e 20c. EOGS- ictU;. Labs 7"''.r. HoHXX- 22'a'.0c WooL-35a4.'c. per lb. Hotroit Live Slock Mnrhet. From tLe Detroit Fite Plees. King's (Jattle Yahdi?, ) JJeteoit, Monday cveniug, July 14. ] CATTLK. Tho offeringa were moetiy of poor cattle, or ota nut op lo tJio standard üf choice, and coneequently those that were strictly choice State attlü ranged a little highw, placed by most lealers at 60e per 'cwt. Whcn the principal rere ayer quite a number of poor Kit t! o v-ere lelt in the yards, aud a few that were fair o good beeves were held above the views of QuutatioDS are corrected for to-day's ■ ■ons: Jhoioe beeves, yonng, lai-ge, wéü fattened, weighing froin l,'200 to 1,400 lbs. 84 63 a 5 50 0-ood beeve, WeB fattenea, steeW and Uoifer, averoging 1,080 to „H. "'s 4 00 a i 38 Medium rades, fair teers, aver950 to 1,060 lb., 3 50 a 3 90 W orking oattle, well tattened,averaging l,uoo to 1,500 11., 4 00 o 4 25 i ommon stock, medi'iia éteBrs, umi fair to extra cows, in docent ,.,],, 800 to 1,000 lbs., 3 00 a 3 50 rhinoattie, 2 268 7fi Siliuii lliCiUilf! 2 cïinii'o Koavun ï i jníi „ uit!, uceics, üveraging 1,-ïzu lbs, at 5;,e;4 steers and heifers, averaging 1,262 lbs, at 4Jic; 6 choice beeves, aYewging 1,208 lbs, ot 5c; 2 choice beeves, averaging 1,420 Iba, at O fes : a mixed lot of 69 steers and heifers, Jing 50 to 900 lbe, by the head at 32; 8 steers averaging 1,050 lbs, ut il 63; 5 fancy lieiiera, small, averagiug 850 lbs, at 834 per head '; 12 heifera and steers, averaging 8!)0 lbs, at 4c. MJLCH C0W3. There were apparently no cows in the yards from fariners, but those only which have been brought in by city dealers, and some doubts existed in the minde of buyers as to the reüabilitv of their boing new milch oows as reported ooiiBeq uontly very few salus were efleoted aud pricea were nominal. 6HEEP. The offorings were light, and the yirices offered were a little below last week's ttgures. A lot ot 23 Iraabs, ll.;it would dress about 3.'i lbs, sold at 5-2 75. A lot of ewea were held at $3 óü per liunctred, and 53 25 bid. TEAL. There was a fair Supply in the matket and pricea geueraljy ranged lower, Three calves about 0 or 7 weeks old sold al 23 7.-,; anotWr tot ot 4, about the samo age and vreigbts, sold at


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