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Cucumbers On Trellises

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Whererer we go, saya tho Oardener's Moulhlij, we si'e tlio cucumber in the (iticn air suffered to run on the ground This is 110 doubt a relio of European culturo. There it is necessary. The oliinate is not hot enough, and the plants have to be started, if not grown altogethcr, in low, ihit ghiss frames. But whtre theoiioumhèr grows wild, it spreads ovor bushes and tiees, and thu growth and pioduct are enormons. All plimta with tendrils prefer to ramble in this way. The grape vine, it is wi'll known, seems fairly to rejoice wlien it oan find a large raass of Iwiggy brush to ramble over aa it wills, and so does the cucumber. No one who hns not tried can Jlve any idea of tho luxuriuus growth of a cucumber wlun train ed to a stake which hag a set o stubby side branchfs leftalong its length. Some which the wiiter saw might be taken at a distance for gome vigoroua kin, of ornamental gourd - and the erop wa ennrmouB. A greut advantage in thig stylo of cul ture ia that the plants occupy far les ground than when permittcd to spreac over the surface in the usual way. Thi is a great gain to small garden, and to large ones, í'or that matter - for if w have land enough and to spare, few of u have time to waste in preparing moro o it than is neceseasy to íh parf'ection o: o orop.


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