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To Remove Stains

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Tt' you have been pieking or handling iiny "acid fruit, and have staine1 your hands, wnsh tliem in clear water, wipe them lightly, and whilethey are vet tnoist strike a match and shut your hands aroitnd it so as to catch the srnoke, and the stains will disappear. If yon have stained your muslin or gingham dress, or your white pants, with berriea, before wetting with anything else, pour boiling water through the stains, and they will disappear. Before fruit juico dries, it can often be removed with cold water, using a sponge and towel it' necessary. Rubbin-i thu fingen with the inside of the parings of apples will remove most of the stain caused by paling. Ink, also, U wiishod out or sopped up trom the carpet with oold water ïmmediatoly when it is ipilled, culi be almost entirely removed. Ink spots on floors can be extracted by scouring with sand, wetted with oil oj vitriol and water. Whan the ink is removed, rinse with strong pearlash water. In a Western State, there was occasion in a suit bef'ore a justice to require security l'rom two persons in behalf of the plaintiff for the costs of prosecuting the action and it was agreed by the plaintifFg two counsel that they should both sign themselves. The senior did so, and turning to his junior, whose reputation through the country was that of a jolly, clever, impocunious fellow, who never paid anythiug, remarked : "Now, D., it your turn." B. looked at the paper, and then in a quizzical way shook hig head and remarked : " No, on the whole I guessl woa't dilute the security."


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