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The Park Act Defeated

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The decisiĆ³n of the Supremo Court in the park matter will be hailed with joy by those who have been ffghting the battle against unauthorized legislativo interference in municipal affaire ; and in ita settlement of a vexed question it will probably be a relief even to those who hoped for a different result. The decisiĆ³n is a complete vindication of tho principie of local self-government and a rebuke to tlib Legislature for ita unwarrantable asaumption of power, not only in the Park act, but in many other acts relating to the city of Detroit. Now that the highest judicial tribunal in tho State has so clearly pointed out the limita of legislative power over cities, it is earnestly to be hoped that the Legislature will take an early opportunity to repeal all legislation heretofore hinicted upon the city which is open to objectiona similar to those made to the Park act. It is possible that the Legialature may be called together in extra session to consider the constitutional amendments suggeated by the Commission. Should this be the case, and should the cali for the extra aession be broad enough, thero will be au excellent opportunity to repair its own blunders, at loast even if it does not feel equal to the task of correcting the mistakea of its predecessors. - Free Prest. The total amount invested by the German Government in the United States founded loan is $18,000,000, of which $8,000,000 was negotiated during the present month. The workingmen of Boston will give a reception and banquet to Joseph Arch in Paneuil Hall Wednesday. Wendell Phillips ia expected to presido. The colored laborers on the levee and at the coal yards, in New Orleans are ' again on a strike for four dollars per day j They were receiving three.


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