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Entre Nous

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As we two slowly walleed that night Silence feil on us, aa of fear ; I was afraid to face the light, Lest you should see that I loved you, dear. You drew my arm against your heart So close I could feel it beating near ; You were brave enough for a lover's part - You were so sure that I loved you, dear. Then you murmured a word or two, And tenderly stooped your listening ear; For you thought that all you had to do Waa to hear me say that I loved you, deíir. But, though your face was so close to mine That you touched my cheek with your chestnut hair, I wouldn't my lips to your's resign : And yet I loved you - I loved you dear. All afc once you were oold and palé, Because you thought that I did not care : I cried a little behiud my voil - But that was because I loved you, dear. And so you thought 'twas a drop of rain That splashed your hand ? But 'twas a tear, For then you said you'd never again Ask me to say that I loved you, dear. Well ! I will tell, if you'll listen now, 1 thought of the worlds you said last year : How we girl8 weren't coy enough ; and how There were half a dozen that loved you, dear. And I was afraid that you held me light, And an imp it my shoulder said, "Beware '. He's just in a wooing mood to-night." So I wouldn't say that I loved you, dear. Not though I thonght you the Man of men, Chieiest of héroes, brave and rare ; Not though I never shall love again Any man as I lovod you, dear I have suftered, and so have you ; And to-night, if you were but standing here, t'd make you an auswer straight and true, If you'd" ask again if I loved you, dear.


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