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Fattening The Soil

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An agricultura! career on a good scale carried out generally on the best praotiued systems adopted by the most successful farmers in the most eulightened districts in this or any other country is one to be adniired and brings honor and renown to the agriculturist. Managemeiit, in every respect should be such as to to make certain of not losing the i'eLtility in tüe soil ; and a thorough sound minded farmer will endeavor to bring up to the highest pitch of capability to produce crops, every rield and every acre in his possession. A clever agriculturist stands the way to eurick his soil without wasting his crops to do it and without allowing his land to lieidle. While a;ertain class of men plow under clover, let half their meadow grassrot on the ground and out into chaff inferior fodder of various kinds and feed their oattle thureou in the Winter, he increases his herds, and flocks, and when the price of beef, matton, etc, warrants it, buys rich food, oil cake, etc, making a prorit on that, and by eating the dover and grass his smart (Y) neighbors waste, and giving the food mentioned in addition, produces such a strong fertiliziug manure that the land is enriched to a state of fatness wkich gives immense crops in return. Cattle and sheep the latter especially, are necessary for successful farming ; the feeding of the land by the sheep and cows, is of the utmost consequence for fat land is a neeessity to prosperity, while poor soil is a ruination and starvation. It is this neglect to fatten the land which causes all the complaints wailed forth in print ; and the stopping of the pangs of hunger of fields which have no meals for years, by giving theni their owa raw production to eat, such as plowing in clover or leaving crops of grass on meadows to rot, is somethiiïg like keeping a herd of swine and allaying hunger and attempting to fatten thein up by feeding with their produce of young pigs! Uive the swine abuudance of everytbing to make them fruitful, and they will increase and multiply beyond the belief of those who have only been used to the poverty kind of animáis, supplying funds iu abundance by marketing the surplus. Get the land in such condition that it will increase and multiply its produce, and the animáis bred and fattened on the produce will daily and hourly feed the ground which has had its appetite sharpened by the withdrawal of the wherewith to grow the erop. The live-stock fattens the land with.soHd and liquid food in a direct mannnr, when grazing or otherwise consuming the crops on the soil where grown, and the return is in proportion to wniit there is supplied ; consequently when oil cake or any other rieh food is given in addition to what the soil brings forth, there is corresponding fatuess and increase of produce, which explains how some men prosper while others fail in trying to do so by extraeting everything possible from everybody and every substance, regardless of the laws of nature and the couimon sense so few pay any


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