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How To Avoid Dead Furrows And Ridges

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Plow the ground one way, that is, forward and back, iustead of going around landa ; in other words, backfurrow, leaving a space of one foot wide between the first furrows or bout, iustead of lapping the furrows or making them meet aa is commonly done. Let dowu the plow wheel in commencing each land, so that the first furrow or bout shall be only onehalf the oomtnon depth, the second farrow or bout two-thirds, and the third three-fourths depth, when the wheel is read j usted to the desired depth. Ou finishing each land, let down the wheel so that the last furrow should be half depth, next to the last furrow two-thirds, and the turrow preceaing ttns türee-tourtns iepth. A space between each two lands should be left unturned, one foot wide. In this way the dead furrows and ridges are so graduated that the interstices fall ou being thorougbiy harrowed. - The 8cotch mode of taekling the horses is decidedly best ; that is, single lines being used, falling down on the outside of the horses' back and each line terininating in a separate loop, grasped in eithor hand of the plowman with the corresponding plow-handle, instead of hanging about the neck or under the arius of the plowman. The horses' heads are tied together in the bits at a convenient distonce apart, and the horses are so fastened that neither shallget aheadof the other, by way of tying a rope or strap from the inner sido of the horses' bits to the inner side of the off horse's tug buckle, and the inner side of the off horse's bits are fastened in the same way to the inner side of the near horse's tug buckle. With the increasing necessity of laborsaving machinery, dead furrows and ridges should be done away with, asthey may be by the foregoing mode of plowing ; and we especially deprécate them sinoe being unseated from our mowing machine whilt driving through a dead furrow, when we were neoessitated to foot it behind the mower the next two days, while a new spring seat could be sent tor by


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