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It is the best way togive alms - to give men work to do. There is a stir and an ominous mutter of preparation auiung the cbaritable orgauizations of the cities to take caro of tha poor ; there are appeals to the beuevolunt for meanstomake pnparations adequate tomeet the anticipatêd increased demand for help consequent upon hard times. The niisfortune is that these ruinistratioiis to humanity too rarely take the rïght iorui. A man will give a thousand dollars tosomecharitable society and discharge a hundred or tvvo men from his shops because he has nothing for them to do. This is wrong. Where the help is not needed, the hours of each should be made shorter and the burthen of non-employment divided. If, as is approhended, there is to be a dearth of employment, in milis and muiiufactories, it will be the farmers' opportunity to get much work done choaply, provided these unemployed men and women can be induced to leave the cities. If they cannot be so induced, the c'ties should give them employinpnt on their vast systems of public works, at a low rate of wages. This work, that must be performed, can be acconiplished economically, and those who would otherwise be a tax upon the charitably dispos ed will be made to serve the public good. But our plea to every one who is disposed to help the poor is, give them work to do first. Do not encourage an increase of pauperism by giving money to those who are able to work. It is a crime to do this. It is a wrong to those who do work and aninjury to those who will not It breeds indolence and crime ; it begets that vicious type of lawlessness and riot known as the Commune. It places in the hands of unscrupulous and ambitious men a power that will array it6elf against law and order upon theslightest provocation. It stimulates class hatred, arraye the ignorant against the intelligent, and works great wrong to 6ociety as a whole So when a men crwoman want help, if yon reader, desire to help hira or her in the best way, and have anything to give, demand compensation in the shape of service of some kind, tor what you fcel able togivR - no matter how little the amonnt Do not enoonrage in any one the belief that something cnn be got lor nothing. It is far too prevalent now. It has been too much encouragod in thia ciountry. Demand something in return tor whut you give ot' every oue capable of making


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