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The Weather For 1874

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From tho Danbury NewB Man's Almanac. I shall not say anything here about the iruporttmce of this subject. We all kuow how unbearable society would be without it- how faine andcomnionplace would have become heaven and earth in its absence. I merely wish to cali the atteution of the reader to the care that bas been taken in selecting the weather for this book. Being warned by last season, I have put in plenty of rain, which will be found to arrive just in the nick of time. I have dealt lighlly in thunder storms -I find they are not popular - and I have such an antipathy to lightning-rod men that I loso no opportunity to injure them. I have been rather liberal with snow, for the sake of the young and livery stables, and have put in some extraordinary hail, for the eneouragement of the eldest inhabitant, and a little frost to stir up the aniatuer in tobáceo and other varietiea of cabbage. But accuracy is the strong point of the volume. When it says, "Look out for rain," then is the time for you to " hump yeurself " for the house. And when it says " Frost," any delay in getting your wifo's father's coat over the tomatoes and dahlias will prove eniinently disastrous to those articles. Yes,-I have aimed to be accurate, looking more to the personal comfort and general information of iny patrons than to the plaudits of a wicked world and gold, which perish in a day, I am told. I have not lost sight of the fact that 1 have a formidable and unscupulous opposition at Washington. But trusting to an honest purpose, a discriminating public, aud eight years of promiscuous trusting as the editor of a country newspaper, I shall press steadily on and hurt that Washington ohap.


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