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The London Crystal Palace

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One can hardly make anybody who has never seeu it understand the charm of the long nave with its high arched roof', its graceful galleries, its huge marble basins of water-lilies, edged with bed of the brightest flowers, its great hanging baskets of delicate plants, its tropical trees, its statues, its bright banners, its delicious music and ita glimpses down the crossing transepts of one of the lovliest landscapes in all England ; for these transepts, or crossways, you must know, are walled and roofed with glass like all the rest of the building. And thisis just what you have before your eyes as you go in, but to see all the curious and interesting thinsïs would take weeks. At each side of thïs wonder - ful nave, or body of tho building, there are beautiful courts, in which one may see exact copies of famous places all over the world. there is an exact oopy of a house in Pompeii, the city which was destroyed by burninglava from Mount Vesuviua hundreds of years ago before Christ was born. You can scarcely believe it, I dare say, but it is true. And mind, I don't mean the ruins of a house like those to be aeen to-day in Pompeii, but just as it used to be when that city was a busy, active place and Pompeian little folks kept their birthdaysand played and learned their lessons just as youdonow. And in auother court there is a model of a house of ancientRome, with couches instead of chairs in the dining room, for you know, among other strange habits, the old Romans hada wayof lying down at their meals. I dare say you have heard of the Alhambra, the famous and beautiful palace built by the Moors in Grenada. Well, in this Crystal Palace you may see for yourselves just how it looked, aud how gorgeous the Hall of the Abencerrages must have been with its wonderful rainbowcolored and gold work dome fllled with a soft lilac light. And there are the Egyptian Court and the Assyrian court and many more besides, and also copies of all the most


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