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Ann Ahuok, Thujbsday, Duo. 4, 1873. Ai'i-LF.s- Green, 4O@G0c. BuiTEn- 2óe. Bkkf - From wagon, $4.50@5.í0. CosN- Oíd 55- New 25c. per bu. Chickenb- Dressed 6@8c Deessed Hogs,- 4.50@ú00. Eugs - Command 'Zi)(&2'c. Hay- $16@20 per ton, according to quillity. Honey- Ín cap, 22@25e. Lard- The markot stands nt 8@9c. Onions- $1.00. Oats- 36@37c. Potatoep- New 80@90c. Tübnips- 30@40c. Wheat- White 1.35 @l-40; Amber $1.25@1.80 Detroit Lire Stock Market. Froin the Detroit Free Press. Michigan Central Cattle Yards ) Monday, Dee. 1. $ There has been no chauge in the character of tlie shipments for the past week, and local operators continue to etijoy a monopoly in the offerings. The absence of cattle from outside markets forms a remarkable period in the history of this market, and the cause thereof is not yet made manifest. Hogs arrive in liberal quantities via the Detroit & Eel Biver Railroad and a medium quantity from the ■ Chicago market. At the present time every farmer at leisure brings in his stock instead of selling to the drover, thus entirely changing the order of things and making droving close work. Receipts for the past week and the corresponding week last year were as follows : Cattle. Hogs. Sheep. Week ending December 1, 346 8,247 2,136 Week ending Dec. 2, 1872, 301 7,062 1,900 Receipts in cattle írom Chicago have almost entirely fallen off, and in hogs stand 1,634 against head last week. cattle. . The supply was quite light and the qualities rather difficult to select from to secure a choice article. Such as were of fair quality commanded a shade better figures, the choicest, averaging 1,000 to 1,200 pounds, bringing $4 and $4 25 and medinm quality about ?3 50. As there were but few lots by the time butchers secured what they wanted but few were left for packers. There being no competition as formerly pretty fair profits were realized by small operators. Remnants of lots, poor quality, were closed out at about $2 50 to $2 75 per hundred. Glancing over the prices realized the same week last year we find them exactly the same as in this week's market. HOGS Arrived freely, but fluctuate in price. On Saturday and Sunday heavy weights brought $4 and upwards - that is, selected lots. To-day the same quality brought but $3 80, though advices from the East quoted the markets there firm. The packing-houses Lhere consume nearly all choice lots arriving, and make this quite a reliable market. Mixed lots Sunday [brought $3 80 and were culled, heavy weights going to packers and light weights to shippers. Confidence in present prices is not very firm. Prices last year ranged the same at this time. SKEEP. Changed hands quite freely and sustained the prices realized last week. But for the depression in the wool market sheep would command a high figure. Choice lots of even average bring $4 25 medium $3 76 and poor qualities $2 and $2 50 per head. A very fine lot, all wethers, designed for feeders; brought $4 75, and averaged nearly 100 lbs. Prices for the same week lust year were the same. King's Cattle Yaeds, ) Detroit, Monday eveuing, Dec. 1. J OATTLE. The supply of cattle at these yards this morning was larger thau f or several weeks, and butchers having generally a light trade during the poultry season were disposed to buy at their own figures or not at all ; this f act with a light shipping demand, gave the market a dull tone with sales occasionally 25c below last week ; very choiee steers sold well. Transactions were mostly by the head, under tho i'ollowing quotations : Choice beeves, young, large, well fattened, wuighing from 1,200 to 1,400 lbs. $3 50 a 4 00 Good beeves, well fattened, steers and heifers, averagiug 1,050 to 1,100 lbs,2 75 a 3 25 Medium grades, fair steers, averaging 950 to 1,050 lbs., 2 50 o 3 00 Workmg cattle, well fattened, averaging 1,000 to 1,500 lbs., 3 25 a 3 50 Cows, coinmon to choice, 3 00 a 3 25 Cominon stock, medium steers, and fair to extra cows, in decent flesh, 800 to 1,000 lbs., 2 25 a 2 75 Thin cattls, a 2 25


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