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Cards. - Circulara. _ Bill-Heads. _ Letter-Heads. _ Shipping Tags. _- Printed at the Aegus office. - In the best style and cheap. _ Don't order elsewhere before calling. - Satisfaction guaranteed in every respect. - The weather continúes mild. - Saline has a Magazine Club, with a membership fee of $2. - The Board of Supervisors has been in adjoumed session this week. - Lectures continue in the Law and Medical departinents until next Wednesday. - Jonathan Waters, a veteran resident of Lodi, died on Sunday laat, aged over 83 years. - Warner - the decamped Salem boy - has been arrested and deposited in the JHouse of Correction. . - The Turner Bazar is postponed until Monday eveuing next, on account of the illness of J. Hangsterfer. - The foreman of the Abgus office is just as ready to take orders or money as the proprietor. flive him a cali. - In the United States Court at Detroit on Monday last, the Chase-Beal injunction suit was argued and submitted. - Exercises at the University and in the public schools will be suspended to-day for a holiday vacation of two weeks. - The Aeous office is the place to get your New Year's Calling Cards, but don't wait until Deo. 31st to hand in your orders. - Dr. Sager writes home from Atlanta in good spirits, having experieuced a hopeful decrease of his severe and troublesome cough. - Dr. Angelí is to give the opening lecture in the Manchester Union School Lecture Coiirse on Friday evening next, the 26tn inst. - The Law and Medical departments are in a state of ferment. Cause : the organization of a secret society and the publication of The Sapphire. - The Circuit Court adjourned on Saturday last without finishing one side of the BealChase-Ann Arbor Printing Company injunction suit, Judge Crane being obliged to open court at Jackson. - We invite attention to the prospectus of the Detroit Tribune, a live newspaper of moderate Eepublicanism (that is occasionally). Any of our subscribers wishmg can have it and the Akqüs for $3,50. - A coramittee has been appointed to provide places of entertainment for the teachers ] who will visit our city during the coming meeting of the State Teachers' Association, Dec. 30th and 31st. Other cities have provided ' pitably for these gatherings, and our city should not be behind. - Bliss & Sons mean business, as a look at their advertisement in another column will ' aatisfy all. The time to buy is when dealers are anxious to sell, and that is the case across the way at Bliss', with a large stock of rich, usefu), and ornamental articles to select from. tfo and see them. - CamilJe Urso fiddled herself into the good graces and affections of a very large audience, - the largest convened in University Hall since ita inauguration - on Thursday evening of last week. She can make a violin talk and no mistake, and it interprets the music " like a thing of life." Her troupe only averaged fair to middling. - That Virginian had cut his eye teeth who in response to the question, " How can so small a town support four papera ?" said, " The papers support the'town." The same may be said of places out of Virginia, and publishers are too generally counted dead heads or objects of charity, and thir just dues doled out to them grudgingly. - The Directors of the Toledo, Ann Arbor and Northern Eailroad have published a report fully and specifically setting forth the iinancial condition of the Corporation, a copy of which bas, we presume, been sent to each stockholder aud which ought to convince all that the charges ofsmouging or steaüng, circulated in certain quarters, are groundless. We shall give the report to our readers uext week. We did not notice the promised coming of the Woodhull, and had not designed a notice of her sayings and doiugs at the Opera House on Monday evening ; but we feel it our duty to say, for the sake of disapproving and condemmng that the audience which gathered to hear her, or rather " not to hear her," disgraced themselves and our city by their performances. We are no sympathizer with the views oi Mrs. Woodhull, and will concede that she is anything but a true woman and that her utterances and teachings -in her newspaper and on the platform - are pernicious ; but, then, no one is under compulsión to go and heaT her, and all going are under obligation to let her say her say in peace. The way to treat her is to let her speak to empty seats, while such disgraceful scènes as those of Slonday evening will add to her fame and notoriety, and that to the discredit ol all participating in them. Mrs. Woodhull could have imburdened herself in the presence of a few fellowBpirits or curiosity seekers without material injury to any good cause, but our fair city, the University or the cause of truth and good order cannot afford such demonstrations as those referred to and which we will not detail.


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