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ANN Abbob, Thubsday, Dec. 18, 1873. Apples- Green, 40@60c. BüTTEB - 25C. Beef- From wagon, $i.60@5.50. Cohn- Old 55- New 25c. perbu. Chickens- Dressed 6@8c. Deessed Hogs,- 5.00@6.00 Eggs - Command 'O@23c. Hay- $15@20 per ton, according to quality. Honeï- In cap, 22@25c. Labd - The market stands at 8@9c. Okions- $1.00. Oats- 35@3"c. -i Potatoes- New 80@90c. Tubnips- 30@40c. Wheat- White $1.35 O1.40; Amber $l.25@1.30 Detroit Live Stock Market. From the Detroit Free PreBS. Michigan Central Cattle Yaeds } Monday, Dee. 15. $ The market continúes supplied with local consigiiments, exhibiting each week no change in this most unusual phase. To many minds this feature is inexplicable. Prices continue to advanee fírmly, and in cattle and hogs are considerably ahead of those one year ago this week, when the market was flUed with consignments from remote points in the Northwest. It might be inferred that the advance in prices would . bring about this state of affairs, but it does not seem to affect the present status of the market. J The only shipments made from remóte points have been in hogs, coming in on the Detroit de Eel Eiver Eailroad, and a few comparatively, -, from Chicago. J The receipts for the past week and corresponding week last year were as follows : Cattle. Hogs. Sheep. Week ending December 15, 620 5,466 2,000 ' Week ending Dec. 16, 1872, 187 5,429 2,486 Trom the Chigo market 1,076 hogs were received against 1,453 last week. No cattle. CATTLE. The same briskness as characterized last week's market prevailed, buyers and sellers rapidly making bargains with fair qualities to select from. The tone of the market in the Bast had the effect of making sellers more indifferent to offers, general realizing their own prices. In choice cattle a bunch of 17 head, averaging 1,200 lbs., bronght $4 25 per cwt. Extra choice of heavier weights were held at $5, upon the refusal to pay which they were shipped East. Christmas cattle were also represented, a lot of four head raised by Henry Jones, of Washtenaw County, being sald to Wm. Smith at about $6 50, averaging over 2,000 lbs each. The seller, Horace Eosier, had also a fine lot which he picked up in the same county, and were quite a contrast to those usually brought in. A very indifferent quality brought $3 50, with plenty of buyers. The home demand showed a tendency to the selection of better qualities. Under the steady advance of the past iew reeks thïs article continúes to be quite active, ackers evince an anxiousness to secure all the ots suitable for their purpose, and huy mixed ots rather than have any escape them. Mixed ots sorted find buyers for light weights, and ;his facilitates sales and gives the Beller a fine jpportunity to "buy at random in his región. Selected lots went as high as $6 per hundred, md mixed lots sold easily at ?4 75, while it rejuired a very choice lot to bring $4 this week last year. SHEEP. The tendency continúes upward withe same ictivity as noted last week. With the loosening of the market finer qualities appear and operators becoine inspired with more courage to venture. Nice smooth lots, averaging 85 and 90 lbs, sold for $4 40 ; an extra lot for feeders at Y5 15, but this quality is very rare and not quotable ior average' markets. Medium grades brought $3 7J. Kinq's Cattle Yabds, Detkoit, Mouday evening, Dec. 15. 5 CATTLE. There were but few good cattle in the yards this inorning, and these seemed to te in good Q request at full last week's prices. There were more empty pena than has been noted for Ge months. For the best lots l-4o better was had. Sales were made under the following quotations : Choice beeves, young, large, weü fattened, weighing f roni 1,200 g to 1,400 lbs. Í3 75 a 4 25 (3 Good beeves, well fattened, steers and heifers, averaging 1,050 to 1,100 lbs, 3 00 a 3 50 Medium grades, fair steers, averr aging 950 to 1,050 lbs., 2 50 a 2 75 Working cattle, well fattened, averaging 1,000 to 1,500 lbs., 3 25 a 3 50 ■. Cows, common to choice, 3 00 o 3 25 1 Common stock, medium steers, and fair to extra cows, in de cent flesh, 800 to 1,000 lbs., 2 25 o 2 75


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