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The Fate Of French Marshals

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The office of Field Marshal in the Prench aimy was instituted m tilo reign of Fraucois I, and ainoe then six Marshals have been tried, found guilty, sontenced to death, and all of them exeeuted, with the exewption of the last inutance, Marshal Baz&ine. The record is as follows : 1 Marshal de Itetz was hanged and lurned tor rebellion and high tieison. 2. Marshal de Biron was decapitated 'or conspirinf; with Spain against bis Tiend and benefactor, Il'.:iiry IV. .'i ard 4. Marshals de Marcillac and de Montmorency were sent to the scafiold 'or onspiring against the red Dmn, ïichelieu. 5. Marshal Ney was shot by the Bour)ons, in 1815, for going over to Lis old niaster, Napoleon, on his return trom Elba. ü. Bazaine, convicted of not having one his duty in the face of the enamy ; entenced to formal degradation froru ank and to death, but sentence coiumuted to iuforuial degradatiau frotu runk (J esile for twiity ygars.


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