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Didn't Want Any Law About His Will

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A Baltirnore rúan died recently, loaving a singular provisión in liis will. " As I have a decided opinión of the bad effect of the law," said this provisión, " I therefore hopo that none of my heirs will so f'ar forget themselves as to resort to the law for alleged wrongs in the distribution of the small ainount of property I may leave ; or, if they" so far forget themselves, I therefore require my exeeutors to deprive such parties of their share of the property that may be due them." We don't know that this provisión will hold good in law, for the law liolds that if a dying man ponsults his own wishes as to the disposition of his property the dying man must be either drank or crazy ; but if there is a person in this world who contsmplates dying and has not a penny to his name, let him borrow the money necessary for the unavoidable paper ana lawyers, and make a will for thejespecial purpose of getting this provisión in it. He will thereby prevent at least a oontroversy over his rags, and he will have the satisfaction of leaving to his heirs a hint which every soul of them sadly needs.


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