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Doings Of The Common Council

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Councü met m regular session on Monday evening last. Absent - Recorder and Aid. Porter. Aid. Smith appointed Recorder pro tem. A petition asking that tour lampa be erectod on High street, was referred toLampCommittee with power to erect such number as they shall think beRt. ïhe committee on sottlement with the bondsmen of the late City Treasurer, reported that that they have not as yet been able to agree. The committee were allowed one week further time in n-hich to mako their report. The following resolution was adopted : Resolved, That the action ot this Council previously taken witli a view to discontinuing the ■uit against the bondsmen of the late City Treasurer be rescinded. The Mayor reported that the Board of Supervisors had allowed the principal of the small pox claims, and refused to pay interest thereon. The interest claim being about $90. The following resolution was adopted : Resolved, That a committee of two, of which the Mayor shaü be chairman, be appointed to negotiate for the carryiug over for another year of ïü.öüO ot the bonded debt of the city falliiig due the present yetir, with power to contract, in behalf of the city, to pay not exceeding three per cent in addition to the seven per cent interest drawn by said bonds. Aid. Leiand was appointed the other member of the above committee. The City Attorney reported in the case of Joanna O'Niel against the city, and advised the acceptance of the proposition of O. Hawkins, in paymentof the judgment against the city. Beport adopted, and Eecorder directed to draw warrant, payable Feb. lst, 1875. Justice McMahon asked the appointment of a special committee to consider bill presented by himself. The Mayor and Aid. Mclntyre were itppointed such committee. The following resolution was adopted : Resolved, That the Mayor and Recorder be ordered to raise, by loan, an amount suflicient to pay outstanding warrants agaiust the city, by miers on the treasury, payable Feb. lst, 1875, at rates not to exceed 10 per cent interest. Warrants were ordered drawn on the several funds, as follows : Second Ward Street Fund, 3 10 Third " " " 10 00 Fifth " " " i 10 Sixth " " " 9 16 General ' " 18 81 General Fuud, 1,389 15 AUey " 302 08 Bills of R. A. Beal and O. A. Kelley referred back ; and bill of F A. Berk laid on the table. The committee ou Fifth Ward Engine House svere instructed to sell old building to best adpantage. The Marshal was allowed until next meeting in which to make his report. The Marshal and deputies were instructed to make their bilis for calendar months only. The report of the Board of Health was re:eived and placed on file for future consideration ; and aftérward referred to City Attorney, to report at next meeting. The following resolution was adopted : Resolved, That in case the bondsmen of the late City Treasurer settle with the city within four weeks, the City Attorney be directed to withdraw the suit against said bondsmen without collecting from them the taxable costs of suit. Adjourned to Monday evening next. A meeting of the First Presbyterian Society was held on Monday eveuing Jan. öth. The Treasurer's report, as presented, showed an increase of $1,536.89 over the receipts of the previous year and the Trustees unanimously and heartily jommended the work of the " envelope system," ind the flnances of the society. The amount raised in 1873 was $ 4,359.64, or, incïuding moneys paid for special repairs, &c, ?5,240.46. The year thus closed has therefore been one of the most prosperous in the history of the society. At the same meeting Messrs. W. W. Wines and Wm. Deubel were re-elected Trustees to serve for a term of three years, and Mr. S. P. Jewett to serve for an unexpired term of two years. The annual election lor miuers ana a ueauun resulted in the choice of Mr. Daniel E. Wines and Mr. John M. Chase as Elders and of MrMr. Henry T. Purfield, as deacon. Mr. Chase ' having declined to serve in consequence of ill liealth, the church on Taesday evening elected Mi. Gco. M. Henion in his place, The following letter, acknowledging receipt of two volumes of Harpers' Weekly (1872-73) may induce sorae of the Akous readers to make the inraates of the Insane Asylum glad : Mich. Astlum, Kalajiazoo, i January 3, j Mï Deae Mb. Pond :- The package of illustrated newapapers you were so kind as to send us, was duly received; and it will gratify you to know that your gift is already doing much to relieve our household from the depressing influence of the glooiny weather of this (thus far) cheerless winter. We have always used every endeavor to render the condition of those placed under our care as comfortable as possible. Indeed, I do not know how greater personal attention can be given patients. It is true we find a reward in some shape daily : but, while we have no direct opposition to encounter, ignorance and prejudice place obstacles in our way, and sometimes we do feel a little disheartened. Consecjuently it is a matter of great encouragement and gratification to us to receive such expressions of interest and sympathy as we find in donations and contributions, such as you have so kindly made. During i.i -.rfio. -uro harp m.d Tiftarlvfour hundred patients under our care, and through the goodness oí friends all over the State, we have been ahle to supply nearly all with reading matter.- ïhis lias increased our means of diversion also ; tlius, besides furnishing pleasant and always acceptable recreation, the kinaness oí those who have aided in supplyiiig it, has actually contributed fcomewhat to the restoration as well of our patieuts. Please accept our very earnest tlianks ; and, with best wishes, believe me Very sincerely youra, E. H. VAN DEUSEN. The following resolutions were adopted at the regular meeting of the (Jood Templars of this city, held Dec. 23, 187. Whebeas, Being desirous of uniting all the elementa of society in unceasing eftorts agamst the evils of iiitcmperance, and lookmg upon the clergy as the persons to whom are committed those weapous declared to be mighty through find to the pulliug down of the strougholds oi Satan, therefore, Resolved, That we respectfully ask the pastors of the various churches of tlus city to make the subject of temperance the theme of discourse in their respective pulpits, on the econd babbath morning in January, 1874, or, at any other time at their earliest convenience Resolved, ïhat the Chairman ot this committee be instructed to furnish eaoh of the pastors in this city with a copy of this preamble and resolutions, and also a copy to each of the city papers for publication. A.nArbor,Jan.mooDRuFF Chairman of Committee. The Aldine for January is on our tablo and is a marvel of beauty, full of promise for the opening volume and year. Thos. Moran has two full page pictures ; the first in exquisite tint, a snow scène of New Year's Morning in England, with the parishioners saluting the pastor in front of the porch of the church. The drawing of the trees íb excellent, while the snow effects are true to nature. The second full page picture is a grand and magnificent view of Moore's Lako in the Rocky Mountains of Utah, the highest lake in America. This was sketched on the spot by Thomas Moran, and as a rare view of American scenery is alone worth the price of the magazine. The third of these great pictures is " The Irish Schoolmaster," after Nicol, by John S. Davis, a very clever and characteristic drawing of a ruce of pedagogues which once flourished in Ireland. The fourth whole page picture is a view of Fairfield, Conn., by Kruseman Van Elten- a quiet New England landscape, with huls, dales, a river, nestling village, etc. The other illustrations in this number are two wonderful drawiugs of Rocky Mountaiu scenery, by Thomas Moran, of Springville Canon in Utah- a stupendous and frightful mountain gorge ; and Colburn's Butte, in Kannaro Canon - a mass of red sandstone, two thousand feet high, in the midst oí unparalleled scenery. Gustave Dore furnishes two wonderfully drawn pictures, depioting scènes in the Bible; "Christ Blessing the Children," and " The Descent from the Cross." The first is full of beauty and loveliness ; the second is touching in its sorrow, and grand in its sublimity. - " Burying the Pet Bird," is a sweet picture, after Miss M. E. Edwards, full of rare bloom and sorrow for the little songster. The (Jerman artist, Rossler, has a cosy interior, suggestive of home and love, called "A Familiar Air." There is still another picture, "Wild Flowers," which gracefully completes the long list of illustrations. The contenta of the number are excellent, but we need not enumérate the articles. Y0 a year with two superb chromo3, "The White Mountains " and tlio " Cliffs of Green Eiver." James Suttox & Co., publishers, 58 Maiden Lane, Is. Y. The annual meeting of Forest HUI Cemetery Company was held on Tuesday last, and the folIowing officers elected : President- J. A. Scott. Secretary - Geo. Grenville. Treasurer - Einanuel Manu. Trustees- 3. M. Wheeler and E. W. Morgan. Sexton - A. H. Markham. Tlie Treasurer reported balance on hand - all liabilities being paid - of over $1,600, which funda are in the hands of Eberbach & Co., drawing 7 per cent., with which, we believe, it is designed to build a gatehouse and gateway the coming season. We have the first number of the Rural New Yorker for 1874, and the first number of its twenty-fifth year, yet looking as bright and cheery as a belle in festive garb. Notwithstanding the reported embarrassments of the founder - only temporary and much exaggerated- the oíd Rural " still lives," and promises to keep weli to the front in the future as in the past. In fact, it knows no superior in the agricultural field, having a large corps of trained writers and practical men in all its departments. Now is the time to subscribe. $2.50 a year or ?2.00 in clubs of ten or more. Addfess D. D. F. Mooee, New Yoik City. - The Arqus and the Rural for $3.7ó. Pooe Man's School-Room. - Webster's TJnabridged Dictionary, (containing 3000 illustratious,) has been said to be the "Poor Man's , School-Room." It contains all that is necessary to a first-class elementary education,- Grammar, Ilistory, Classics, Mathematies, Geography, Astronomy, and in fact nothing is wanting to make it a perfect EncyclopediaTof information. A book that every family should have, as it contains illustrated definitions, thus appealing to the understanding through that swift medium the eye. - Mm-tan Mereury. We are indebted to Messrs. Waters & Co., publishers of Onr Fireside Friend for a copy of their really beautiful chromo, " Sunbeam," a picture decidedly above the average of premium pictures, and which is given mounted and framed to every subscriber remitting $3.50 for 1864. The paper is large, well printed, and has a corps of contributors whose stories will be read. Sample copies will be sent free to any address by the publishers.


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