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Chips Floating On The Sea Of Literature

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" He hath riches sufficient who hath enongh to be charitable." - Browne. " If this is tho last bulwark of freedom wo may as well dio hcre as anywhere." - Mrs. Southwick. " I fear three newspapers more tban a hundred thousand bayonets." - Napoleón Bonaparte. " Life - strong life and sound life - that life whioh lends approaches to tho Infinite, and takes hold on Heaven, is not so much a progress as a resistance." - (Jarnoens. "There is not a monarch on earth whose throno is not Hable to be shaken by the progress of opinión and tho sentiment of the just and intelligent nart. nf .' ■ i ou máy build your Capítol of granite, and pile it high as the Roeky Mountains ; if it is founded on or mixed with iniquity, the pulse of a girl will in time beat it down." - Wendell Phillips " Nature is the armory of genius. Cities serve it slightly ; boots and colleges chiefly as they celébrate Nature. She is the first school of eloquence ; her images bait the senses to pluck free and fair the benefitting rhotoric." - A. Bron&on Alcott. " This is the prerogative of tho noble natures, - that their departure to higher regions exercises a no less blessedinfluence than did they on earth ; that they lighten us from above like stars by which to steer our course often interrupled by storm." - Goethe " Probé the profound of thine own nature man ! And thou mayst reflected, e'en in life, The worlds, the heavens, the ages ; by and by, The coming time." Festus. " Some hearts that are too warm, too wild, Must needs be broken for their good ; Xot till the artist's work is done Is the design well understood." Laura Redden. " If thy heart yearns for love, be loving ; if thou wouldst free mankind, be free ; if thou wouldst have a brother frank with thee, be frank to him. 'But what will people say V' - Eternal and sure is this proinise, ' Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.' Only have faith in this, and thou wilt live high above the rewards and punishments of that spectral giant which men cali society. Be found with thino own conscience in that circlo of duties which widens ever, till it enfolds all boinga, and touches the throno of God. -


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