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tain little boy in Kansas, only seven and one-half yoars old, is trying haid to be a Christian. The niissionary who started the aew Western Sunday-school which he attends says that this boy, whose name is Willie, uses a great deal of what is called good common sonse, in his ideas of a religious life. The other day he was in the house watching Maggie, as she pared the potatoes for dinner. Soon she pared an extra large one, that was very white and nice on the outside, but when cut into pioces it showed itself to bo hollow and black inside with dry rot. Instantly Willie exolainied : " Why, Maggie, that potato isn't a Christian," - " What do you mean 7" asked Maggie. - " Don't you see it has a bad heartr'" was Willie's reply. It seeins that this little Kansas boy had learned enough of the roligion of Josus to know that however fair the outside may bo, it will never do to have the heart black. Wo must be sound and right clear through.- Child's World. At a very successful seance in Cincinati the other night, a man burst into nears when the medium described very taccurately a tall, blue-eyed spirit standing by him, with light side-whiskers and his hair parted in the middle. " Do you know him?" inquired the man at his side in a sympathetic whisper. " Know him ? I guess I do," replied the unhappy man, " Ho was engaged to my wite. If he hadn't died he would have been her husband instead of me. Oh, George, George !" he murmured, in a voice choking with emotlon, " why did you peg out ?"


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