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Lent A. D. 1874

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Church during Lent are : Eeery Wednesday Morning- 1-2 o'clock, Afternoon - 4 1-4 o'olook a short service for the .vouth. Evny Thursday Evtning-1 1-2 o'clock. Every Friday Afternoon-i o'clock. Holy Week- Daily, 9 1-2 o'clock A. 3t. Good Friday, 10 1-2 o'clock. 7 1-2 o'clock r. it. the stmual meeting of the Communicants. Daily, " 1-2 o'clock p. M. Thursday evening, the Holy Communion. Easter evening, i o'clock, with Infant Baptism. Bay City advices say that tho controlling interet in the stock of the Horse Railway of that city 21,400 of the 29,800) has been sold to parties anected with tho Industrial Works (being all 'esidents of Ann Arbor, except Mr. Kimball "). The company han bcen reorganized by electing m ofRcers : Presidmt - Jas Clements ; Secretary -E. A. Coolcy; Treamrer-C. H. Wells,- ismes which will sound very familiar to our citizeus. The new company proposes to use 'hetraclt for freighting purposesmakingit a transfer freight line. Can't it be induced to extend its track to Ann Arbor. Phoebe Couzins doesn't dress liko othor lawyers. She wears a ├╝eary silk, with polonaise overskirt of the sanie material, a'l richly befrilled and furbelowed, and trimmed with black lace ; roses at the JM, breast and back hair, with white trills at the neck and rrists, and a npark"ag aigrette in the hair.


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