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Singular Case Of Hydrophobia

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A inost singular disease supposed to be hydrophobia, has affected a young man in Clinton, named Geoffrey Eogers, formerly from Canada, and up to a short time since was employed in a luniberyivrd and planing-mill. Mr. Eogers exhibited strange symptoms, such as clawing at bis own clothing ; but through his physical volition having control of his mind sufficiently to wam persons from coming too near hiin. After an interval he would begin frothing at the ruouth, anapping his teeth and uttering short, barklike sounds. During all tho day and evoning succeeding tho first alarming outbreak he was able to converse rationally. He said when he was first taken he could not resist throwing himself violently on the ground, suffering thereby considerable pain. He was aflerward scarcely able to restrain himseif from catehing a young girl who he imagined to be coming against him, and he had determined on throwing her as far as possible from him. He is under the impression that he has swollen to a great deal more than is his natural size, and is perfectly sure he has the strength of 10 men. His lips are swollen considerably, and he continually gnashes his teeth and. acts as if he were tearing and clawing everything about him. He can not say where ho was any part of Monday night. He was not in nis usual lodging place, but came to his work at the usual time early on Tuesday morning. Many other singular toins excito tne cunosity and. pity ot the coinmunity of Clinton, for tho young man bas acquired their respect, having been very indnstrious and worthy. A [peculiar feature of his case is that he deerns his finger nails poisonous. He can not be prevailed upon to adniit that he was ever bitten by a mad dog, and is offended at the prosumption. It is said, however, that he was bitten by a dog when at home in Canada, without, however, producing any abrasiĆ³n. - Grand Itapich Democrat. Mr. Barnitz, of New York, Secretary of the American Bible Union, filed a petition in the United States Circuit Court Saturday, at St. Louis, asking $50,000 damages of the St. Louis Democrat Company for dofamation of charater in alleging that on the night of January 9th, while a guest at the Planters' House, he permitted one of the female boarders of that house to share his room with him. The Democrat' article was based on statements by the proprietor and clerk of the Planters' House.


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