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Thero are two things that puzzle iuo Ono is, the amount of roisplaced virtue in the world ; that is to say, the immense quantity of downright gooduess soattered around among the commonest sort of people ; among people about whom thore are no social safeguards whatever, and who would be quite up to the moral standard of their noighbora if they gave a loóse reía to all manuer of passion. I teil you, when a man who has been surrounded with pure influences - I do not mean with austerity or fanaticism, from which he would be Hkely to suffer reaction - when a man who has breathed no atmosphere but that of moderation and decorum looks back upon his owu life, and trenibles at his hundred hair-breadth 'scapes from utter ruin, of one kind or another, he cannot help wondering what keeps the unprotected classes from going altogether and utterly to the bad. It was oneof the best saints out of the calendar who declared himself competent to comtuit any crime under the sun of which ho had ever heard, and what it is that keeps the average sinner from going straight through the criminal list, it is hard to teil." The other puzzle is how the ordinary human is able to bear up against the enormous weight of suffering imposed upon him, - not siniply the misery of which the papers teil under startling head lines, or in little paragraphs that travels the rounds ot the press, and startle you now and theu with their grim and gruesonie humor, - not simply the distress whioh is the subject of charity reports, and governmental statistics, not simply the obvious examplo of quiet endurance, the heroic uien and women whose lives are one long self-sacrifice, - not simply these, but the absolute discomfort and pain, physical, moral, and sesthetic, that is borne by al most every human being in the world, with such nobility of endurance that the croaker and complainer is so imich the exception that he is pointed at with scorn, and shunned by bis fellows


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