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A Short Courtship

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A story is told of a preacher who lived about 40 years ago. He was a bachelor, and we could write his real name, but prefer to cail him Sinith. He resisted many persuasions to marry, which his friends were constantly making, until he reached a tolerably advanced age, and he himself began to feel theneed, or, at least, to have new ideas of the comfort of being nursed with woman's gen tle care. Shortly after entering one of his ciruuits, a maiden lady, also of ripe years, was strongly recommended hisfriends again urged that he had better get married, represimting thatthe lady named would probably not refuse to accept him, not withstanding his reputed ecceiitricities. "Do you think tho!" responded the dominie, for he very perceptibly lisped ; " then I will go and thee her." He was a man of his word. He rang the door bell, which was answered by the servaut maid. " Ith Mith P within 't" briskly, but calmly asked the lover. " Yes, sir. Will you walk in ?" "No, I thank you. Be kind euough to thay to Mith P that I wish to thpeak to her a moment." Miss P appeared, and repeated the invitation to walk in. " No, thank you ; I'll thoon explain my bithneth. I'm the new preacher. l'm unmarried. My friendth think I'd better marry. They recommend you for my wife. Have you any objection I" " Why, really, Mr. S " " There : don't anthwer now. Will cali thith day week for your reply. Good day.'' On that day week he reappeared at the door of Miss P 's residence. It was promptly opened by the lady herself. "Walk in, Mr. Smith." " Can't, indeed ma'am. Pleathe anthwer me, yeth or no." " Well, Mr. Smith, it is a very serious matter. I should not like to gét out of the way of Providence - " " I perfectly underthand you, Mith P . We will be inarried thith day week. I will oall at thith hour. Pleathe be ready ma'am." He called on that dfty week, at that She was ready. They were married, and lived happily several years. The minister of a rural parish having in a season of protracted drought, neglected to pray for rain, was waited upon by a deputation to remonstrate with him on the omission. " Weel, a weel," he replied after hearing what they had to say ; " I'll pray for't to please ye ; but the feint a drap ye'll get till the change o' the moon!"


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