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A.NN AiíBou, Thuuday, Aiirü í, 1814. Apples- Oreen, (0@80c. Butteu - 24 30c. Bef.f - From wagon, ?7.00. Cokn- 01(16515- New 7O@7,rc. per bu. Chickens- Dressed 9@10c Dbessed Hogs, - $6.50 Eggs- Command 12!@13c. Hay - $8@14 per ton, accordiiig to quítlity; Honey - Ín cap, 25@30c. Labd - The inarket atands at 10c. ÜNlONS- $2.00. Oats- 42@46c. Potatoes- 801890c. Tubnips- 30@40c. Wheat- White 11.4001.46; Amber 11.1001.26 TuilKF.YS- 10@llO. Detroit ProdiiceJIarkct. Liitest quotationsfor leading article uf country produce- April. 2, are asfollüws: Wheat- white, $1.35sl.ó3 ; amber l.soai 42. Bakley- #2.2S@3.3 per nentHl. Rye- 80@90c. per bu. Cokn- "O@72;. Oats- 50(g)51C'. Potatoes- 1 00(3)1. 10c. Dressed $7-('0($.7.!-i. Hay- 13@$18. Bütteb- 30.-S36C. Eggs- 16@17c. Labd- 10@11c. Honey- 18@23o. Wool- 37@43c. per Ib. Detroit Live Stock Harfcet. From the Detroit Free Press. Michigan Central Cattle Yards } Mouday, March 30. CATTLE. The receipts of the laat two or three days würe lighter than during the previous week í'or the same.period, and all ofïered sold out well, both to local and shipping account, at prices rangiug about the same as a week ago. For good shippiug stockers therewas a good demand. l'rices ranged as follows : Good shipping grades, State cattle, ?ó L5 a 5 .30 Good butchers' stock 4 50 a ' 26 Rough cattle in good flesh, i 00 a 4 á0 Good straight stockers, for shipment 4 50 a ó 00 COWS AND CALVKS. There is an active demand from Eastern milkmen for uew milch cows, and there is a liberal movement of them to those markets in car load lots, and buyers were in the market for all good cows at $35a60, according to quality rather than ooudition, if the condition was fair. 8HEEP Tiiere were but v ïry few offered, and these closed out quick to buyers makiug up shipping ots at about last week's pnces, some good sheep selling at ?6 50 per cwt. and from that down. - No transactions were uoted aside from mutton iheep. HOQS. i There were but few fat hogs in duriug the week. Nearly all offered_were store pigs, and these were in good demaud, and liought for through shipment in car load lots at 65 per cwt. The followiug were the reoeipta tor the tut two weeks: Slarch 23. Mareh 30. Through. State. Tliro State Horses 300 153 Cattle 3,599 776 3,636 539 Hogs 9,198 29 6,502 628 Sheep Ï14 2,39ó 320 8:!1 Kino'8 Cattle Yards, ) Dktkoit, Munday evening, March 30. J CATTLE. The receipts of cattle were 150 less thau last week and the market opened a trifle better, but there was not a very hungry demand, and by the middle ot the forenoon prices wore weak. - Prices were about as iollows : Choice beeves, young, large, well fattehed, weighing from 1,200 to 1,400 lbs. f ! 26 a 5 50 Oood beeves, well fattened, steers and hoiiers, averaging 1,050 to 1,100 lbs, 3 25 a 4 50' Medium grades, fair steers, averaging 950 to 1,050 lbs., 2 50 a 2 75 Working cattle, well fattened, averaging 1,000 to 1,500 lbs., 4 00 a 4 25 Cows, common to choice, 3 00 a 4 50 Common stock, medium steers, and fair to extra cows, in decent flesh, 800 to 1,000 Iba., 2 00 a 2 75


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