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11 a man wants a good cow and to keep her so, he must gtve her something more than a bundle oí' cornstalks and a bucket of water ; or a good team, he must leed theni with good strong food; but some short-sighted farmers and others say : " ] cannot afford to feed my hay and grain up, I must sell it to make up money to pay my debts.', Certainly a yard full oi nice, line, fat cows Í9 worth more than skinny, poor ones, in spring, that won'1 hardly make a shadow, and then if his horses or mules, whiohever it may be, have a good portion of flesn on their bones, how much betterthey can perform the labor assigned them. Keep your whip in the manager, not in the coach, and then you won't stick fast in the mud with a heavy load. If a man wnrks hard he wants good victuals ; just so with ahorse, but he must take just what his driver pleases to give him. Ho will often stint his team and spend for ruin and tobáceo enough to keep his team in fine condition. I?our in at the bung-hole and let out at the spiggot. Let a man live in bounds of his circumstances - if he gets one or two dollars a day, save only fifty cents of it and he is always adding to tho pile. It would bo no trouble to make farming pay if many a farmer would work, but he wants to make money sitting behind the stove. He can do that, too, but he must attend to his business. " He that by the piow would thrivo, himself must either hold or drive." Don't be afraid to feed ; that makes the manure pile grow, and feeds. the soil, and then " dig deep while sluggrards sleep, you'll have corn for cow and sheep."-


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