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From the N. Y. Produce Exchange Weekly. The weather tbroughout the Utiited Kingdom has beeu upon its good behavior for an unwonted period of tirae. The farm work is in an unuaual state of forwardness, peas, beans and oats having been sown early, under the most favorable oitoumstances. The Liverpool Albion estimates the oonsumption of wheat annually in the United Kingdom at 23,000,000 quarters by the 31,500,000 of its population, which is 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 quarters more than the usual estimates of consumption. The aggregate quality of wheat in transit to the United Kingdomon the 19thof March, as reported by Beerbohm's Evening Corn Trade List, was 1,491,050 quarters (ttour included) and maize 114,520 quarters. At Tauganrog, since the clone of navigation, about twenty cargoes of wheat have been purchased for Genoa, Italy, which, when shipped, will leave euipty warehouses until the new erop shall become available. The port of Odessa was, on the 13th uit., still closed by the ice to sailing vessels, and steamers had great difficulty in euteringand departing. There was scarcely any business doing in bread-stuffs, but prices were firmly maintained. In Prance, the weather has been favorable for the autunin-sown grain, and spring sowing was progressing very actively. The breadth of spring-sown will not be very lurge, as a large breadth of autumn-sown was put in, said to be 500,000 hectalitres more seed than usual, in consequence of the high price that has urevailed for these cereals. An East Saginaw committee appointed some weeks ago to find how much that part of the State could afford to do to secure the site of the new Stato House of Correction, reported Honday night that Bay, Midland and Saginaw counties paid $22,830 last year for the support of crimináis, and that a house of coirection at Saginaw City would save to the taxpayers of Bay, Genesee, Gratiot, Iosco, Midland, Saginaw, Shiawassee and Tuscola counties over $25,000 a year. Switzerland with 400,000 school children, has 7,000 schools aud 6,000 masters. In some districts a master has charge of two schools.


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