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Protecting Cornfields From Birds

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The crow, the blackbird and the bluejay are the principal birds that molust uur corn-fields, and this for a period of ubout two weeks, starting froin the time the corn is up. To protect the fieldg against their dopredations many derices are resorted to, two of which, at least, are effectual, the rest doing little or nothing in averting the mischief. The flrst is the running ot' a twine around the field, elevated bíx to eight feet from tho gronnd on poles ; but this requires time and is somewhat expensive. The other is to sow corn over the fielda to feed the hungry birds It is not necessary to extond thia sowing over moro than a small portion of the ground, at two or three differont places at tho headland. The depredators will soon discover the charitable donation and bo perfectly satiefled with the arrangement, Jeaving the young plants unharmcd.


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