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"i Have Drank My Last Glass."

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No, comrades, I thank you- not any for me ; My last chaiii is riven- heiiceforward I'm freo ! I will go to my home and my children to night Witli no fumes of liquor their spirits to blight ; And, with tears iu my eyes, I will beg my poor wife To forgive me the wreek I have made of her life ! . "X have never ref used you before ! " Let that pass, For I've drank my last glas, boys, I have drank my last glass. Just look at me now, boys, in rags and disgrace, With my blearod, haggurd eyes, and my red bloated face ! Mark my faltering step and weak, paUied hand, And the mark on my brow that ie worse than Cam's brand. See my crownless old nat, and my elbows and knees - Alike warmed by the sun or chilled by the lireeze, Why even the children will hoot as I pass ; But I have drank my last glass, boys, I have drank my last glass. You would hardly believe me, boys, to look at me now That a mother's kind hand was ever pressed on niy brow - When she kissed me, and blessed me, her darling, her pride, Ere she lay down to rest by my dead father' side ; But with love in her eyes, she looked up to the sky. Bidding me meet her there, and whispered " Good-by." And I'll do it, God helping ! Your smile I'll let pass ; For I've drank my last glass, boys, I have drank my last glass. Ah ! I reeled home last night- it was not so late, For I'd spent my last sixpence, and the iandlord woii't wait On the fellow who's left every cent in their till, And has pawoed nis last bed their coffers to filJ, O, the tormenta I feit, and the pangs I endured ! And I begged tor one glass - just one would have cured, But they kicked me out doors ! 111 let that too, pass; For I've drank my laat glass, boys, I have drank my last glass. For Susie, my darling, my ovo six-ylar old, Though faiuting with hunger and shivering with cold, There on the bare floor, asked God to bless me ! And she said, " Don't cry, mamma !" He will; for you see I believe what I ask for ; then sobered, I crept Away from the house; and that night when I slept Next my heart lay the Pledge ! You smile, let it pass ; For I've drank my last glass, boys, I have drank my last glass. At home, my pet Susie, with her golden hair, I saw through the window, just kneeliug in prayer, From her pale, bony hands her torn sleeves were strung down, While her feet, cold and bare, shrank beneath her scant gown ; And she prayed, prayed for bread, just a poor crust of bread, For one cent - on her knees my pet darling plead! And I heatd, with no penny to buy oue, alas ! But I've drank my last glass, boys, I have drank my last glass. My darling child saved me ! Her faith and her love Are akin to my dear sainted mother's above ! 1 will make her words true, or I'll die in the race, And sober I'll go to my last resting place ! And slie shull kneel there, and weeping, thank God No drunkard lies under the daisy-strewn sod ; Xot a drop more of poison my lips shall ere pass, I have drank roy last glass, boys, 1 have drank ïny last glass.


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