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THE LEVIATHAN IS COME ! LABGEST SHOW TJPON EASLTH. ANN ARÜOR, JUNE 3d, 1874. BVBRY NATION OF THI! GLOBE RBPRESBNTKD. The Whole Worid as Contributors Two Circuses, Two Menageries, One Grecian Hippodrome. A WHOIE TB1BE OF INB1ANS, SQIAWS, fctc. ONLY ONE TICKET REQUIRED FOR ALL. The moat Intensely InterestinR and Nuvel Exhibitiofl ever soen in America. Specialities our great feature. The most Gorgeous and Hippodraruic Triumphal Street I'ageant ever seen. The only FIVE PERFORMING ELEPHANT8 in the World. The only 5 Performing Bengal Tigcrs in the World. The only NI NE PERFORMING AFR1CAN HYENAS in the WOTld. 4 Baby Lions, born April 22, 1874. 5 Musiré Golden Chariots, 2 Eoman War Chariota Konum Oharioteers. Fearlesa Cavaliers escortins Grecian Beauties. Elegant Costume adorning shapely ladies. Elephant Coursing, Hurdle Iïacing, INDIAN GAME OF LACROSSE, Foot-rucing, etc. We uae our own race-ti-vck. Heiul our (29C,O0C challenge. 4 ACRES OF EXHIBITION TENTS. 1T HAS NO EQUAL- NO EI Y AL. Tile Public and Press.Vouch for üs. GRAND CENTRAL PARK MENAGERIE, ZOOLOGICAL GOLLECTÏOF, &C, - ANP - Den. STOItfE'S GOLOSSAL Circss, Consoliüated lor the Scason of 1874 wlth Howes' Great London Circus, GRECIAN HIPPODROME ! Sanger's English Menagerie oí Trained Animáis AND &- IROOUOIS INDIAN TROUPE! HenryBarnum...T Manager CHALLENGE ! 1 000 Special Wonders ! I Open to all corners, of S A BT CSE R'S 250,000 Dollars! BRITISH MENAGERIE Is offered on the followlng speel alties, to wit : OF LlVIÜÍCr $100,000 challenge Trained Animáis I That thia is the only Exhibition ou Earth having known to be the most valaable collection in the worM --. . _ . JT11 -. _, j._ and to contaiu the rarest and finest specimens f aui. FiveTramedElephants ■ a The Largest Collection uitliet orld K-V Representatives of the Desert ! jP Denizena of the Jungle ! 3 __ Terrors of the Forest ! dfe JwLL - Dwellers of the Polar Región! ÊË & f fSSEfc Monsters of the Deep ! BBJÉI fr '[ THE LAËÜEST CIRCUS FlT Jffl BL jF" In America, with all the aceomplished ULfl ■ vrü il Riders, Gymnasts and Acrobats, JBgi 13k M'lle Cordelia, Performing togethcr in the King at the same time. JWU y pj t-The Most Marvelous and Wonderful Í f JWfc'ir'iik Feats ever performed by Animáis. J}'?Jk -. At the word of command they go through the j iVgEMJ jpPipKk MAZES OF THE DANCE, , V KEEP TIME TO MUSIC, ' iT&í MgBIZZ 1 WALTZ, HOP, TALK, Lt53jiSg ÍS. PLAY MUSICNfTOraENTS, The Paragou of Bareback Eider s. Startle the audience by their Wonderful M'lle Romelli, Signoretta Muñoz, Juan Sagacity, f orming a Thrilling Tableau of Alvord, Mesdames Eleanor, Thealta, Joat 'j t?ii -u-+t sephene, Cario tta, Leonora, &c, Signor A.Pyramid of Elephants! Romeni; Mons. Romein, w.w. Nichois, as represented on piotorials, by G. W. Murray, Den Stone, "Wm. Rolland, Chieftain, Emperor, Mandrie, Sultan and Rudolph Mette, Harry "W ilcox, Charles Victoria the Five Educated Elephants. Secley, Charles Roberts, Markese, Masters 1 Buddie&Horace,&c.,&c.,intheirvanoua Another $50,000 CHALLENGE specialtieegfoeBe I offered that FIVE of the Lurgest, most CSstlj I T 1 f 100 rnn,mJ0 InrllonO andMagnificentlyConStructed [D6 Üï IUU IfOQUOIö 10013110 t-TRIUMPH AL ChAKIOTS ' Chiefg WarriorSi Bra4s & Squaws. ever seen in this country, will appaar in tha Thrilling Battle Scènes - The Scalping (ÍItíitkI Ontirlf ProppsiSIOTl Knife- The Tomahawk- GAME OF LA jrantt UUtSiae X rocebhion GROSSE- The Pantomime of of Howes' Great London Circus, Grecian „ , „„.„ THE LlFE Hippodrome, Sanger's English Ménage1 OCAHONTAS bAVING J-Ht rie and Iroquois Indian Troupe, as they of CaptaiU Jolui Smitll. aüpear hi the public streets. Scènes of Wonder & Amazement ! Grand FEXHIBITION Another $50,000 CHALLENGE Sa'MwA That the Great London Show is the only JP''ÊbuÊk i 5-5, W exhibition in the world where a den of f!P3wKvflH IP-!!!, ?ttTtTf Five Living Eoyal Bengal Tigers a. -Sgl] T was ever entered and the animáis pertl .- ;-;7as_v jM sl' "-■ $50,000 CHALLENGE That they have the only group of Hipodramatic BMatti Nine Performing Hyenas Sjnjo. In the World, in one den. Chariots. Grecian Beauties. 500 Men and ooo Horses. Wild Beasls Loose in the Stroeis, Besides the above Challenges, any &c.,formingaDaz7,ling Scenc of Splendor amount will be staked that this Combinanever before equaled. fion Is Superior in Every Respect to Doors Open at 1 & 7 P. M. Admlssion r0 all the ordinary Equestrian, Zoological or Cents- Cliildren under 10 years of age 35 pretentious Museum exhibitions ever seen Cents. For particulars, se pescriptiyi ia America. &c, &c Coldwater, May 2O Wyaiidottc, May 28 Hillsdale, " 21 riymouth, Juno 1 llndsun. " 22 Ypsilaiiti, " 2 Adrián, " 23 i Ann Arbor, " 3 Tecuinseli, " 25 Ittnucnester, 1 4 Dundee, " 2 Jacluou, " ö mouroe, " 2T Albion, " O And all the Principal Cities and Towns in Michigan during June and July, wliere satisfactory arrangementa can be made for the exhibition of thia Monstor concern.


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